Did you know on average 1 in 10 packages are damaged or lost in transit? Protect your outbound product, as well as your profit margins by automatically insuring your packages through your selected shipping carriers.

Today, you can choose to manually request insurance from shipping carriers when fulfilling orders through the RP Order Fulfillment tool. The new Carrier Insurance feature will not only allow you to easily add insurance to any package over a set order amount, but it will also give you the opportunity to markup the cost of shipping to include carrier insurance.

How Carrier Insurance is Applied to Shipping Methods

If you offer carrier-calculated rates on a RevolutionParts selling channel, then the system can include the cost of carrier insurance in your shipping quotes when this setting is enabled. Your customer will take on the cost of shipping insurance which will help increase your shipping profits and protect your packages. If a customer selected a shipping method through one of your supported shipping carriers, then the “Insure with Shipping Carriers” protection type will automatically be selected when you fulfill an order.

However, the shipping insurance cost markup cannot be added to marketplace orders (eBay and Amazon), free shipping, or fixed/flat shipping rates at this time. This also excludes freight shipping, local pickup and local delivery.

How to Enable Shipping Protection through Carrier Insurance

Follow these steps to automatically insure your packages through shipping carriers: 

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Click the gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the navigation bar to access your Settings. Gear.png
  3. Click "Shipping" on the left-hand navigation bar > click “Protection”.
  4. By default, all automated shipping protection options will be turned off. If you would like to turn on this setting, then select “Enable” on the “Insure with shipping carriers” card.

    US customers who have access to Shipping Protection:


    Canadian customers:
  5. The default for minimum order amount is $100.00 since most shipping carriers insure packages up to $100 (conditions may vary by carrier or type of service). You can adjust the threshold as you see fit.
  6. Once you’ve confirmed the appropriate minimum order amount has been set, then select “Enable this option”. This will automatically add the shipping insurance markup to all future eligible orders.

What to Expect Once Carrier Insurance is Enabled

Once you’ve turned on the feature, then shipping insurance markups will be added to carrier-calculated shipping methods in checkout on your RevolutionParts stores.

When carrier insurance has already been collected on an order, then you will see a Shipping Insurance line item on the Order page in the RP Platform.


You’ll also notice two changes during the fulfillment process for orders over the minimum order amount. The first change is that “Insure with shipping carriers” will automatically be selected as the protection type for the shipment. The second change is that “Insurance cost collected” will be visible in the summary card when shipping insurance was included in the collected shipping amount.


Please note that even though "Insure with shipping carriers" is automatically selected in Order Fulfillment, you can still choose to remove protection by selecting "No shipping protection" as the protection type for the shipment. If you choose to decline coverage through shipping carriers, then a confirmation modal will pop up when you select "Ship & Complete" to confirm your shipping protection selection. If you confirm that you want to remove shipping insurance, then this will be added to your activity log on the order.

How to Disable Shipping Protection through Carrier Insurance

If you would like to turn off this feature, you’ll need to first navigate back to the Shipping Protection settings page. Then, you will need to select “Disable” on the “Insure with shipping carriers” card.

5-Shipping-Protection_Carrier-Insurance_Disable.pngOnce you've confirmed that you want to turn off Carrier Insurance, then the system will no longer add the shipping insurance markup to carrier-calculated shipping quotes at checkout. Additionally, the “Insure with shipping carriers” option in Order Fulfillment will no longer be automatically selected as the protection type.


Q: Why should I purchase shipping insurance from my supported carriers?

A: If you purchase insurance through the shipping carrier, then you will likely be able to recoup more of the cost of the item(s) shipped along with the cost of shipping when you file a claim for a lost, stolen, or damaged package.

Q: Why should I turn on this automated Carrier Insurance feature?

A: This solution will automatically include shipping insurance when you fulfill an order through the RevolutionParts Fulfillment tool. Additionally, this setting will allow you to include the cost of shipping insurance in the shipping quotes provided at Checkout on all RP selling channels. This will help increase your shipping profits and ensure that all of your packages will be protected.

Q: How do I handle the claims process for each carrier?

A: This solution allows you to protect all of your packages through your selected shipping carriers without having to lose money on shipping. Any claims for lost, damaged, or stolen packages will need to be filed with the appropriate carrier.

Q: Why can’t the shipping quote include carrier insurance on marketplace orders?

A: The cost of shipping insurance unfortunately cannot be added to marketplace orders since there isn’t as much control over the shipping cost. This will ensure that you still remain competitive on those channels, and you can still increase your profits on RevolutionParts stores by adding a markup to carrier-calculated rates.

Q: Why can shipping insurance only be applied to carrier-calculated shipping methods?

A: The cost of shipping insurance is applied to the Shipping line item on orders. If you’re offering free shipping, fixed rates, or flat rates on your store, then we would be unable to markup the Shipping fee for your customers. This also ensures that any promotional messaging about your shipping rates will remain accurate.

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