We have available options to assist businesses in preparing for Hurricane Ian.

1) Add Message to Placed Orders' Emails:  This notice can be added to all placed orders to alert your customers to potential shipping delays due to Hurricane Ian.

Go to Settings -> The Gear Icon on the upper right portion next to help.


On the left panel, choose TEMPLATES


Then choose New Order (pencil icon) to edit the content. This template is what is sent out to all your customers when they place an order. So you can add a message there to advise there might be delays due to the Hurricane.


Add your preferred message to let customers know to expect delays, scroll down and click UPDATE TEMPLATE.



2) Temporary Store Hold

We have two options:

a) Pause store yourself:
Go to the selling channel, choose payment methods, remove payment methods from the selling channel you want to pause, then go to marketing, click the sitewide banner option and add a message to let customers know your store is paused.. Remember to save changes.

Go to Selling Channel, then choose Payment Methods


Remove payment method from the selling channel you want to PAUSE (just click the X from all the payment platforms available)

Note: You will have to return to this when you want to re-activate your store. Also, you will need to do it for all of the selling channels you want to turn off.

Then, go to to the Marketing tab under the selling channel.


Click SITEWIDE BANNER and add the message of your preference there, and please remember to save changes.


b) Reach out to the SUPPORT TEAM, and we will completely shut down your store for you.


3) Superstore/National Store Listings

If you are getting orders from a Superstore and want to pause these orders,  please reach out to our SUPPORT TEAM, who will be able to pause the store for you. 


Please reply to this email if you want us to implement one of the three options above. Then, contact us again once you are ready to resume business so we can remove any notices from your store.



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