How can DMS integration help with marketplace selling standards?


As you know, both Amazon and eBay get millions of daily users every day, with both being e-commerce leaders when it comes to selling car parts. These marketplaces are all about volume! So fulfilling orders fast (within 2 days, 1 is recommended) allows you to be a top performer within these marketplaces. With DMS integration, your QOH (Quantity On Hand) will stay accurate, avoiding unnecessary canceled orders.  

If you don’t have DMS integration, you can also automatically upload your inventory via FTP (File Transfer Protocol); otherwise, uploading your inventory manually through the RP platform as often as possible is recommended. You can also use OEM inventory feeds which automatically update your inventory. These OEM dealer inventory feeds are free of charge for the manufacturers we currently support today.

We currently support the following manufacturers:

  • Mercedes-Benz and Smart
  • Mopar and Fiat
  • Volkswagen

If you need more information regarding OEM Inventory Feeds, click here


We highly recommend DMS integration or any kind of automated inventory uploading, as it removes the worry of having to think about whether your QOHs are accurate. 

Why keeping an up-to-date inventory is necessary for succeeding in volume-based marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.


Because of short lead times, having accurate product counts ready to be shipped out is vital to becoming a top seller on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. If you are able to fulfill orders fast, you are on your way to becoming a top seller! 

Automatically list products from Inventory Uploads


An up-to-date inventory also allows you to create listings so available products automatically can be sold as soon as they are uploaded. Make sure the “Create Listings on Inventory Upload” and “Ready to List” settings are enabled. These settings can be found on your eBay or Amazon selling channel under “General.”



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