This feature of the RevolutionParts platform will allow customers that have purchased from your store to request their return.

Once your customer has initiated a return request, you will be notified and can easily manage the request in the RevolutionParts platform.

  1. The customer can start a new return request from the order details page on your RevolutionParts Web Store.
  2. The customer then completes the following return details:
    1. The item(s) they want to return
    2. The reason for the return
    3. How they will be returning the items to you (Including the package dimensions for a return shipping label) Screen_Shot_2022-09-12_at_6.43.16_PM.png

      Note: your customer will see an estimated shipping cost after entering the package's dimensions.

  3. They will then submit the return to you for approval.

  4. Find below what the return will look like on the customer's order:


  5. You can also see your New return if you click on the "Returns" tab at the bottom of the left panel under the Order tab.

  6. Once you open it, process the return like any other one. For how to process returns, check this article:



If you decline the return, the system will send an email to your customer, and no further action is needed.

If you accept the return:

  1. You will be prompted to confirm the method of returning the package and, if needed, generate a return shipping label, which will be automatically sent to the customer via email.
  2. The return status will be automatically updated to “Awaiting Package” while the customer returns the items to your warehouse.
  3. Once the return package arrives at your warehouse, inspect it to ensure that the items are as expected and that you accept them for return. At this time, you may move the order into the “Package Received” status. Note that if the items are not acceptable for return, you may still cancel the return request at this stage.
  4. Click the button in RevolutionParts to refund the customer. The refund to the customer will be automatically processed to the payment method with which they placed the order, and the system will put the order in “Refunded” status.
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