Customer Groups

  • You can use customer groups to apply discounted pricing for specific segments of your customers – such as your wholesale buyers. Customer groups can also be designated as tax-exempt, and you can create a custom payment option (such as monthly invoicing) for your regular clients. 
    • Some dealers have implemented a “VIP Customer” program for their repeat clients, adding them to a unique customer group and giving them a discount to reward their loyalty. 


How to Set Up Customer Groups
How to Add Pricing Templates


Same-Day Delivery

  • Need to get parts from Point A to Point B quickly, but you don’t have a staff driver available? Same-Day Delivery allows you to partner with hotshot companies in your area to deliver parts fast! This can be a great way to speed up your delivery times or increase your delivery range, which should help separate you from competitors in your area.
    • Same-Day Delivery can also be a great backup tool if you need parts for your service lane, but don’t have a staff member available to go out and pick them up. Same-Day Delivery drivers can get parts from one of your suppliers and bring them directly to your dealership, reducing the time your service technicians spend waiting for parts to arrive. 

How to Use Same-Day Delivery (Formerly Local Delivery)

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