Quoting Tool

  • If a potential customer calls to inquire about a part, you can use our built-in Quoting Tool to quickly generate a quote that can be sent to the customer via email, including a shopping cart link to expedite the checkout process. This offers a convenient way for a customer to purchase the parts they’re looking for, without needing to provide their credit card information over the phone.
    • Even if the customer elects not to purchase at this time, you will have collected their contact information, which can be used for targeted marketing in the future.
    • Create Abandoned Quote Savers to automatically follow up and convert more quotes faster

Creating a Quote (Video)

Product Availability and Inventory Messaging

  • Make it quick and easy for customers from grandma to grand master tech to see what is in stock, needs to be ordered, and how they can get it. Reduce or even eliminate repetitive conversations that take up time and ultimately cost you money.
    • Control the types of items that your customers can buy
    • Flag products as “non-returnable”, “local pick-up only”, or “VIN check recommended” for customers and your countermen.
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