The Parts Counter (aka. Virtual Parts Counter) can be use with over the phone order or walk-ins. So it is important to ensure your pricing is correct. Although you can add pricing templates, there are 2 default templates generated in this area.

Parts Counter - Virtual Parts Counter (VPC):

  1. Click the Gear in the upper right.

  2. Select Parts Counter > Pricing

  3. There are 2 pre-existing default templates.

    • Retail - Use this pricing template for the general public.
    • Wholesale - Use this pricing template for your wholesale customers and attached to a Customer Group (How to Setup Customer Groups).


  4. Click Manage Pricing on the pricing template you want to update.

  5. Click the pencil to edit an existing rule OR add a New Rule (How to add a New Rule).



The Storefront Plugin is a selling channel in which to generate additional sales. This Plugin store can be installed into your Dealership site (How to Install Storefront Plugin). Once added, pricing can be setup.

Storefront Plugin:

Your Storefront Plugin will have the same naming convention as your Account Name.

  1. Select your Plugin > Pricing

  2. The Plugin pricing is controlled within your Default pricing template.

  3. Click Manage Pricing.

  4. Click the pencil to edit an existing rule OR add a New Rule (How to add a New Rule)



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