eBay FAQ

Expand your reach, offload obsolete parts, and drive revenue with eBay.
Now available to dealers in the US and Canada.


eBay Motors is available to RevolutionParts dealers in the US and Canada. With RevolutionParts + eBay, you can:

  1. Target niche buyers to sell more obsolete parts.
  2. Manage eBay sales directly through the RevolutionParts platform.
  3. Access eBay’s top store subscription with free promoted listings—and no hidden fees. 


Why sell on eBay through RevolutionParts?

Reach More Parts and Accessories Buyers

187 million people worldwide use eBay to shop—which makes it an excellent marketplace to expand your reach far beyond your local market.

Move Obsolete Parts

eBay Motors is where shoppers go to find unique or unusual parts, making it the go-to place for clearing obsolete inventory. Our negotiated discounts and perks make selling on eBay straightforward, fast, and profitable.

Sell Parts Quickly at Volume

Three car or truck parts are sold every second on eBay Motors. An engine or engine component is sold every ten seconds. Your parts department can only access this demand with an eBay seller account.

Receive Special Benefits as a RevolutionParts Dealer

Plus, when you sell on eBay with RevolutionParts, you’ll receive valuable benefits like: 

  • Free promoted listings, which get you in front of more buyers; 
  • Waived listing fees (eBay’s normal cost is $0.35 per listing, which can add up quickly); and
  • An eBay Anchor Store—eBay’s top store subscription—at no additional cost

What does it mean when eBay manages payments?

With managed payments, eBay handles the end-to-end payments process. 

Please note: eBay requires all sellers to register for eBay to manage their payments.

What are the benefits of eBay managing payments? 

eBay manages payments to simplify the buying and selling experience on eBay. Key benefits include: 

  • Choice: Your parts buyers can choose from several payment options, including credit and debit cards; Apple Pay; Google Pay; and PayPal Credit.
  • Convenience: Access everything you need as a seller, all in one place: customized reports, a single source for fees, refunds, labels, simplified protections, tax documentation, and payout scheduling options.
  • Streamlined operations: You also benefit from great streamlined operations, such as payouts directly into your bank account, unique order numbers for ease of reconciliation, returns processing, and the option to pay for shipping labels from pending payouts.
  • Reporting: Updated reports are available for download and export from Seller Hub, and data to reconcile transaction records with your bank account.
  • International shipping*: With eBay, you can easily ship internationally with the Global Shipping Program, which handles customs, taxes, and import/export fees for you.

* Please note: eBay International Shipping is currently available for eligible US sellers only at this time. eBay plans to expand the program to more sellers in the future.

Can I sell on eBay if I'm a Canadian dealer?

Yes, starting April 11, 2023, RevolutionParts has the ability to integrate with your eBay Canada account! 

Am I a good fit for eBay? 

eBay is a great way to generate additional part sales, especially if you have a large amount of older/aged inventory. 

Due to eBay’s low tolerance for seller-canceled orders, we strongly recommend that dealers who sell on eBay use a DMS integration to ensure your quantity on hand (QOH) is as accurate as possible. This is because the more accurate the QOH, the less likely you’ll have to cancel an order. 

eBay is also an excellent fit for dealers with a lead time of 24 hours or less, as this is the lead time eBay requires to become a Top Seller. 

How do I get started selling on eBay?

Getting started is a breeze! Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get started. 


What are eBay’s seller standards?

If you’d like to sell on eBay, it’s vital that you understand—and adhere to—eBay’s seller standards and metrics. eBay’s seller performance requirements are intended to help ensure that buyers have a great experience on eBay. 

eBay will complete a monthly evaluation of your performance and assign you a seller level. Your seller level indicates whether you're meeting or exceeding eBay’s minimum standards.

Seller Levels

Top Rated: Top Rated sellers are exceeding eBay’s performance expectations, in addition to having an established sales history and complying with other eBay policies. This means that you are currently one of the best sellers on eBay, providing an exceptional quality of customer service as well as meeting minimum sales requirements for the Top Rated Seller level. 

Above Standard: You're meeting eBay's minimum standard for sellers and looking after your customers well.

Below Standard: You're not meeting one or more of eBay's minimum requirements for customer service quality. As a result, we may place limitations on your selling activity, including charging higher final value fees, until your performance improves.

Seller Level Determination 

Located in Canada? Read more about eBay’s CA Seller Standards and determination here.

Located in the US? Read more about eBay’s US Seller Standards and determination here.

How does eBay handle taxes? 

Located in Canada? As of July 1, 2022, eBay is responsible for collecting Canadian sales taxes (GST/HST, QST, and PST) on all taxable transactions for Canada-based buyers, in all 13 provinces and territories. Sales of tangible goods shipped from within Canada to Canadian buyers, and sales of digitally downloaded goods to Canadian buyers from any sellers—including global sellers—are subject to sales tax. Learn more here

Located in the US? eBay calculates, collects, and remits sales tax on behalf of sellers for items shipped to customers in 48 states based on applicable tax laws. Learn more here.

What are my protections as a seller on eBay?

Although rare, fraudulent transactions may occur. If you think you may be a victim of fraud on eBay, you must work with eBay’s Premium Service Team to reach a resolution, as they are the department that can assist with Seller Protection. 

The seller (that’s you!) must provide photo or video evidence of the incorrect part being sent back, as well as any communication with the buyer. 

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