In an effort to better support our customers that may need multiple plugin stores on their account, RevolutionParts has separated the Parts Counter selling channel from the Storefront Plugin. Moving forward, all plugin stores will have their own dedicated selling channel. The Parts Counter selling channel will still be available with its own pricing, shipping and general configuration settings, however, it will only be used for phone quotes.

How does this impact your active Plugin Store under your Parts Counter?

If you already had an active Dealer Website Plugin, we have migrated that store into its own selling channel. Below you will find an example of what the new Dealer Website Plugin selling channel looks like on your account. Similar to the Parts Counter selling channel, the plugin selling channel will have a blue R icon next to your dealership name.


Note: You can have up to 2 plugin stores at a time. If you'd like to add a third Dealer Website Plugin to your account, please reach out to our Support team or your Customer Success Manager.

How to create a Plugin store selling channel:

1) Log into your account and click on the Gear icon in the header.


2) Click on the green ‘Add’ icon in the Selling Channels section header


3) Click on "Dealer Website Plugin" option

4) Follow the steps by clicking on ‘Next’ and then ‘Add Selling Channel’. You're done!

What you need to set up this selling channel:

  1. Pick a page on your dealership website to serve as your new parts store
  2. Install our Plugin script on your dealership site (You may need the help of your site provider or IT team to complete this step)
  3. Configure your settings for payment methods, pricing, and shipping methods
  4. Enable your store and start selling!

Click here to view our full walkthrough guide.

What is the difference between the two types of selling channels?

You’ll see that your Parts Counter selling channel has the same settings as your plugin store, although the ‘Plugin’ tab is no longer available. This settings page will only appear in the Dealer Website Plugin selling channel since you’ll need to copy the script to install the plugin on your dealership website.


Can I install a Dealer Website Plugin via my Parts Counter selling channel?


No, your Parts Counter selling channel will no longer host a plugin store. If you’d like to install a RevolutionParts plugin store on your dealership website, please refer to the steps outlined above in the “How to create a Dealer Website Plugin selling channel” section.

What do I use Parts Counter for since my plugin store has its own selling channel?


The Parts Counter selling channel can be used to send phone quotes and process over-the-counter sales. Please be sure to keep the pricing rules and shipping methods up-to-date for this selling channel.


After I have created a selling channel, how do I install a Dealer Website Plugin?


Click here to view our full walkthrough guide.

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