1) What are the Themes that RevolutionParts offers?

To check the Themes that we offer, please visit:

2) Can I make changes to the design of our website?

Yes! please reach out to our Support team with the changes that you want to make. note: we currently do not offer design services so major changes to your site are not supported at the moment. Please make sure you are selecting a template that most fits your needs.


3) Can I make changes myself?

Yes, under your selling channel, click on the Design tab. You can make changes to the layout of your site and/or custom styling. If you are not able to see that option, please reach out to our Support team and we can activate it for you.
note: custom style changes are not reversible. If you do want to move forward with this, we recommend you have an advanced understanding of HTML and CSS.


4) Can I change my logo or add a new banner?

Yes, please reach out to our Support team or your Customer Sucess Manager, and we'll make sure we design one for you!


5) Why can't I upload my logo?

The #1 reason you can't upload your logo is spaces in the filename. When naming the logo image, make sure there aren't any spaces. Also, make sure it's 2MB of less.


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