1. Why do I have parts that I don’t have stock showing on my webstore?

    We show the entire OEM parts catalog on our ParsCounter and Web Store.

  2. Can I push items that I do not have in stock live on Amazon and eBay?                                             

    No, those stores will list only in stocks items due to short lead times.

  3. How long does it take for my inventory to upload?

    Inventory files will take time depending on the size of the file. Most will take a few minutes but large files can take up to a few hours to upload inventory.
  4. What happens when I upload a new inventory file?

    New inventory files will completely replace existing inventory information. If the inventory file differs from the previous file by more or less than 30%, the customer will not be able to upload inventory.

  5. How many products can I upload in my inventory file?

    Inventory files are limited to a maximum of 15,000 rows.

  6. Why is my manual upload failing?

     If your current inventory upload is 30% of more different than your previous inventory upload, you will need to reach out to the support team. The reason we do this is to prevent the wrong files from being uploaded. Uploading the wrong file can result in you losing live listings.

  7. Can I "stack" inventory files?

           No, each inventory file will wipe out the previous one you uploaded. 

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