Why are my listings not going live?

Be sure to check your listings settings. They will need to be set to automatically create listings on inventory upload and also to push the ready-to-list listings live. Failing to do so will cause some products to not have listings.

To get to these settings: Log into you Manage account -> click on the Gear icon -> click on the selling channel and then click on "general". You should now see the options above. Be sure to save changes.

Order export: I want specific transactions to go to a specific DMS person.

If you'd like specific transaction (for example, all PayPal transactions) to go to a specific person. follow the following steps.

click on the gear icon -> integrations -> on the DMS line item, click on the pencil -> once there, scroll down until you see DMS Customer Account. Make sure you add as many as you need and choose the DMS account number in the DMS customer ACcount # field -> save changes. Screen_Shot_2021-06-30_at_11.05.03_AM.png

How often does my inventory update?

It depends on what DMS integration you have. To answer that question, please click on "products" on the top -> click on "inventory" -> uploads.  There's a time_stamp column that will show you how frequently we're able to process your file. 


How much am I paying for my DMS?

Your monthly invoice should have the fixed amount you pay for this integration. Please contact our Support team or your Customer Success Manager if you are having issues accessing your invoice or if the charge is not there.


How do I cancel my DMS?

Send us an email to or call us at 480-779-7278

Is my DMS live? Is it pulling the file?

to check if your DMS is pulling, check the inventory uploads page. If there are recent updates with products being updated, the answer is "yes".

to get to that page, click on the "products" tab -> inventory -> uploads and check the Data + Updated columns as seen below. 


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