Local Delivery is RevolutionParts' delivery service which allows you to summon a hot-shot driver to pick something up from point A and deliver it to point B. The most common uses for Local Delivery are deliveries to nearby wholesalers, repair shops, and online orders. We've made it super easy to use!

To schedule a delivery:

  1. Log into your account on
  2. Click "Local Delivery" in the top-menu.

  3. The Local Delivery page shows you all Active deliveries (if there are any). You can view deliveries in other statuses by clicking the desired status along the top of the page.

  4. To schedule a new delivery, click the red "Schedule Delivery" button on the top-right.

  5. Enter the pickup and delivery locations. You can enter either business names or addresses.

  6. Select the type of vehicle you want to use for your delivery. As of March 2021, FedEx Same-Day is the only service offering Cargo Van pickup (allowing for oversized parts to be delivered).

  7. Provide some additional details about your delivery, including the value of the items, a description of the delivery, and an optional reference number. (Tip: your description should comment on the actual items being delivered. The description "Box" isn't very useful!)

  8. Schedule the pickup date and time for your delivery. By default, deliveries are set to same-day and ASAP, but you can schedule a delivery for future dates and times if necessary.

  9. Select the desired delivery service based on price, pickup time, and delivery time.

  10. Click the red "Continue to Contact Details" button.

  11. On the page that follows, enter the contact information for both the pickup and delivery locations. You'll need to enter a first name, last name, email address, business name, phone number, and pickup/delivery instructions. If you don't know this information for either location, we recommend gathering it before proceeding. RevolutionParts will save the contact info for all future deliveries, so you'll only need to enter this once per address.

  12. When you're ready, click the red "Schedule Delivery" button to schedule your delivery.

That's it! Once your delivery has been scheduled, you'll be taken to the delivery page. There, you can see a full view of your delivery, including a status tracker along the top of the page. If you'd like, you can click the "View Tracking" link to see the delivery on the carrier's website.



Your account is not charged for deliveries immediately; instead, RevolutionParts keeps track of all deliveries scheduled during the calendar month, and your account is charged for them on the next month's invoice. You can view these charges at any time using the "Local Delivery Summary" report.

If you run into any issues with Local Delivery, our Support team can help! Due to the timely nature of deliveries, we recommend calling us at 480-779-7278.


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