RevolutionParts integrates with Reynolds & Reynolds for inventory export via DealerVault. The process of exporting your inventory from DealerVault is explained in this downloadable document, as well as in the steps below!

  1. Using a computer that has DV Connect installed, please sign into ERA-Ignite from the profile that the DealerVault reports are assigned to.

  2. After clicking “Applications” in the top left, navigate to “Retail Management Intelligence.”Screen_Shot_2020-12-16_at_7.42.56_AM.png

  3. Under “Search Dynamic Reporting,” select the “Completed Reports” tab in the middle.

    Note: If “Search Dynamic Reporting” does not populate, click “Dynamic Reporting” on the left side of ERA-Ignite.

  4. Search for “DVD” in the “Report Title” section and select today’s date in the left “Run Date” box. Nothing will need to be populated in the right “Run Date” field.

    Note: If you have several stores set up on DealerVault, make sure to click “More” to ensure all the reports are available. The “Results Found” value will have no “+” sign when all reports are shown.

  5. Click the 1st report so it is highlighted in blue. Then hold down [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [End] simultaneously to highlight all reports. They should all appear blue once selected.

  6. At the bottom left of the “Retail Management Intelligence” screen, click the “[F7] Export” button to start the extraction.

  7. Enter in the four letter captcha and click “OK.”

  8. The processing window will appear. Please verify there are the same number of reports being exported as results found in the search. The export typically takes 1-2 minutes per store to complete.

  9. Once finished, the “Export Complete” box will show the status of each report. Please check here for any errors that may have occurred; otherwise, if all reports show “Exported,” the FTP push has completed!

That's it! If you have questions about this export process or need help, please do not contact RevolutionParts Support. Instead, reach out to the Authenticom Support team by emailing or calling 866-289-3283.

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