In any business, there are times when a customer needs to return an item or you need to refund some of the money that you have collected from them. You can do that through the RevolutionParts Returns and Refunds process!

You can process a return or issue a refund for any order on which parts have already been shipped and funds have been collected from your customer. 


IMPORTANT: Returns and refunds can only be processed for orders in a COMPLETED status. Cancelled orders cannot create returns of received refunds from the RP platform. Please visit your payment processor's account portal to issue refunds if an order is already marked as cancelled. 


Creating A New Return and Issuing A Refund

  1. Begin a new return or refund.
    • Navigate to your order.
    • Do not reopen the order.
    • Click the button in the upper right-hand corner to “Create Return.”
      Create a Return Button.png
  1. Select any items that the customer is returning.
    • Click the checkbox to the left of any item being returned.
    • If you are processing a return for a core, this can be selected independently. If you are processing a return for a part that included a core charge, both will be selected automatically when you select the particular part being returned. 
    • Set the quantity of items being returned.
    • Choose any restocking fee that you would like to apply. This can be entered as either a percentage of the item price or a fixed dollar value. 
    • Choose the reason that this item is being returned.
      Product Selection.png
  1. Add a Courtesy Credit. This optional step will allow you to credit your customer a custom amount up to the collected total. You can also choose to only issue a courtesy credit if you wish.
    • In the “Items” section, select the choice for “Courtesy Credit. 
    • Enter a dollar value to credit your customer
    • Select a reason for crediting the customer
      Courtesy Credit.png
  1. Refund the cost of shipping and handling.
    • If you wish to refund the cost of shipping or handling, you can enter the desired dollar amount to refund in the “Additional Refund” section
      Shipping Refund.png
  1. Add any notes that you would like to record for this return/refund.
  1. Click “Start Return” to finish creating the return and continue on to the return summary page. Note: this button will not issue a refund, rather this will create the open return.
    Refund Summary.png
  1. Review your return details. You may edit these at any point before you issue the refund to your customer. From this page, you can:
    • Update the return status
    • Assign a staff member at the dealership who will be handling this return
    • Set a DMS and RMA number
    • Edit the item details and return reasons
    • Edit the shipping and handling costs being returned
    • Edit any applied courtesy credit
    • View any refund transactions already completed
    • Add notes
    • Send a message to your customer
    • Print the return/refund details
    • Cancel the return/refund
    • Finalize this return and issue the refund
      Full Return Page.png
  1. When you have confirmed that you have received your parts back to the warehouse and are ready to refund the customer, simply click the red button to “Refund $” in the lower right corner.

Your return or refund is now complete! The status of the order has been updated to “Refunded.” You can access this refund again at any time from the menu in your Orders view or from the order itself. 

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