Letting your customers know what you do (and don't) have in stock is helpful in their decision-making process! You can configure the inventory messages that appear on your Web Store product pages by using the tools below.

(For help uploading inventory, check out the article below!)
How to Upload Inventory


To enable and configure inventory messages,

  1. Log into your RevolutionParts Control Panel, then click the gear in the top-right corner.
  2. In the left-side menu, find your Web Store under the Selling Channels section, then click on, "Inventory."
  3. The following page will allow you to enable inventory messaging, as well as configure the messages themselves.

    To enable inventory messaging, change the field called "Inventory Control Enabled" to "Yes."

    There are three configurable message fields depending on stock level and time of day:
    • In Stock: Before Same-Day Cutoff Time
      • This message appears when a buyer loads a product page before your Warehouse's same-day cutoff time. The text replacements show the time remaining before the cutoff time.
    • In Stock: After Same-Day Cutoff Time
      • This message appears when a buyer loads a product page after your Warehouse's same-day cutoff time. The text replacement designates the next business day the product can be expected to ship.
    • Out of Stock
      • This option has a dropdown called, "Display out-of-stock messaging when", and changes its function depending on what option you choose:
        •  If you choose, "Items Out of Stock only (QOH = 0)," the out of stock message will only appear on products that have 0 in the quantity field.
        • If you choose, "Items Out of Stock only (QOH = 0) and No Inventory (QOH = N/A)," the out of stock message will appear on all products where inventory is either 0 or blank.
  4. When you're done configuring the messages, click the "Save Changes" button in the top-right corner.

That's it! Your inventory messages will automatically display on the product for which you have inventory. Your messages will appear above the "Add to Cart" section, shown below.


The top of the inventory message also becomes more specific as the inventory value decreases.

  • Inventory 26+ : "In Stock"
  • Inventory 6-25 : "# In Stock"
  • Inventory 1-5 : "Only # In Stock"
  • Inventory 0 or N/A : (Out of Stock Message, depending on the dropdown)



Your "In Stock: Same-Day" messages will display a secondary message that says something along the lines of, "Orders placed within (time remaining) will ship (next business day)." To configure this cutoff time, you'll need to edit your ship-from Warehouse. 

 To configure your Warehouse cutoff time,

  1. Click on "Warehouses" in the left-side menu.
  2. Find the row for the Warehouse you want to configure, then click the Warehouse's name
  3. Scroll down to find the "Shipping" section of the Warehouse settings. Find the field "Same-Day Cutoff Time for In Stock Items" and set it to the desired cutoff time.
  4. Click "Save Changes" in the top-right corner.

 That's it! Your changes will take place immediately, and affect all current and future inventory messages.

note: to read about lead time for Out of Stock items, click here.


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