In this article (and the video above), we’ll learn how to process an order on the RevolutionParts Control Panel.


When a customers places an order, you’ll receive an email letting you know. Once you log into your account on the RevolutionParts Control Panel, click on “Orders” in the top menu.


By default, this page will show you orders in the “New” status. You can view orders in other statuses by using the left-side menu. The Orders page gives you a quick column breakdown of the order information, including the order number, the customer’s name, the order total, and more. To begin processing an order, simply click on the order number.


The order page is where you’ll spend most of your time on the RevolutionParts Control Panel, and is broken up into sections.

  • SUMMARY: The Summary section gives you an overview of the order, including the total amount, the date and time it was placed, the customer’s information, and more. You can use this section to move the order into different statuses by clicking on the status dropdown. This section is also used to assign orders to specific users.

  • RISK: The Risk section serves as your first line of defense against potentially fraudulent orders. Each order is assigned a Fraud Score on a scale of 1-100, with higher numbers indicating a riskier order. Most orders will be Low Risk, but some may be Medium or High Risk. To view the individual factors that contributed to the fraud score, click the “Details” button. The Risk section isn’t a guarantee, and it’s up to you and your parts team to make the final decision about whether to ship the order or not. If you’re uncomfortable with the order, you can always contact the customer, or cancel the order.

    • REPORT FRAUD: You can use the “Report Fraud” feature to mark any order as either not fraud, suspected fraud, or known fraud. Marking an order known fraud adds it to a database of previously fraudulent activity, and will automatically increase the fraud score if that buyer ever places another order on your website, or ANY RevolutionParts website ever again.
  • BILLING & SHIPPING: In the Billing and Shipping section, you can see the billing and shipping addresses the buyer entered during checkout. To see either of these addresses on a map, click the “View Map” button to show the address on Google Maps.


  • CONTENT: The Content section contains vehicle information, the actual contents of the order, and the order totals.
    • The blue bar that runs the width of the screen is called the vehicle bar, and contains the VIN number or vehicle the buyer had selected during checkout.
    • The actual order contents are located just below the blue bar and are broken down into line items. Line item will include the part reference image, part number, name, weight and dimensions, and price.
    • The order totals are below and to the right, and show the order subtotal, any discounts or promo codes used, the shipping amount based on what the buyer selected, and the total order amount, complete with gross profit underneath.
    • You can add items to the order manually, or create a shipment.

  • PAYMENT: The Payment section is used to collect or refund money, as well as view a full transaction history of the order, including all attempted transactions, authorizations, sales, captures, and refunds. Depending on how you have your payment gateway configured, your payment gateway may automatically collect money when the order is placed by using the “SALE” transaction type. If not, the funds will be on an AUTHORIZATION, and will need to be collected prior to completing the order. To collect money, click the “Collect Money” button, then choose how you want to collect.
      • If the transaction is recent, you can probably collect from the credit card or PayPal account the buyer used to place the order. If this option isn’t available, you can collect from a new credit card by selecting the, “Charge a new credit card” option, then entering the credit card information provided by the buyer. You may have to get them on the phone to collect this information. If you collect the money some other way, such as cash, check, direct PayPal transaction, or some other means, you can use the “Record Offline Adjustment” option to tell the system that you’ve already collected the money somewhere other than the RevolutionParts system. Only use this feature if you’ve already collected the money some other way. Once you’ve collected the money on the order, you’ll see the collection appear in the transaction history below.

  • INTERNAL NOTES: The Internal Notes section allows you to add custom notes to the order page, which are only visible to users in the Control Panel with access to the order.

  • MESSAGES: The Messages section can be used to communicate with your buyer back and forth via email. To send them an email, click the “Email Customer” button, then write your email contents. When you send your message, it’ll be logged on the Order Page, and so will any of the buyer’s replies.

  • ACTIVITY LOG: the Activity Log at the bottom of the page shows all activity that’s happened on the order from the moment it was placed, listing each event with a timestamp, along with which user did what.



To actually process an order, you’ll need to first- verify the order, second- collect the money, and third- create a shipment. Verifying the order is the process of reviewing it to make sure it looks and feels comfortable, and is done primarily by reviewing the customer’s information and the fraud score. If you’re comfortable proceeding with the order, collect the money as described a few moments ago. When you’re ready to ship, you can either click the “Create Shipment” button we mentioned earlier, or scroll back to the top and click the “Complete Order” button, which will walk you through the steps of completing the order.


Once you’ve begun this process, you’ll be taken to the Order Fulfillment page. On this page, you can choose how you want to create your shipment for the order: print a shipping label, mark the order for customer pickup, or enter an existing tracking number you generated through your shipping carrier.


Once you’ve chosen how you want to make your shipment, you can select which items you want to include using the checkboxes to the left of the part images.


After that, the process changes based on how you’ve chosen to ship. If you’re entering an existing tracking number, simply select the carrier, enter the shipment cost, then enter the tracking number itself. The Customer pickup option doesn’t require any additional steps, so if you choose this option, you’re can proceed straight to completing the order. Finally, if you choose to use the RevolutionParts system to generate a shipping label using your integrated shipping carrier account, you’ll need to enter the weight and dimensions of your box. If necessary, you can enter the information for multiple boxes.


Once you’ve entered your box information, scroll down and select from the available shipping methods. The methods displayed here are pulled from your shipping carrier accounts, and show the estimated delivery date, the cost of that method, and some other helpful information. Our system serves the best methods for each order at the top of the list.


After you’ve chosen your desired method or entered your pre-existing tracking number, use the box on the right to run a final confirmation before completing the order. After verifying that the information is correct, you can choose whether or not you want to notify the customer of the shipment via email, or whether or not you want to automatically generate a packing slip. When you’re ready, click the “Ship & Complete” button to finish the order. If you used the “Print Shipping Label” option, you’ll either be presented with your shipping label in PDF format, or the label will be sent to your thermal printer, depending on your printing settings.


At this point, you simply need to put the label on the box, and get the box out the door.


And, you’re done! That’s an overview of processing an order on the RevolutionParts Control Panel. If you have any additional questions or need help with anything else on the platform, don’t hesitate to contact our support team by emailing or calling 480-779-7278.

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