Payment Gateway Breakdown

Here at RevolutionParts we integrate with several different payment gateway options for credit card processing, plus PayPal Express Checkout. In this article, we will attempt to highlight some of the differences between the gateways so that you can make an informed choice. The options are as follows:

1) Authorize.Net

2) Braintree

3) PayPal Payments Pro

4) WorldPay

5) CenPOS

6) Stripe

7) Paypal Commerce Platform


Braintree, PayPal Payments Pro, and Stripe include merchant services accounts. For this reason, these are the most frequently used gateways.




Setup Fee $0 $0 $0
Monthly Service Charge $0 $30 $0
Transaction Fee 2.9% + $0.30* 2.9% + $0.30** 2.6% + $0.30
International Fee  3.9% + $0.30 2.9% + Fixed Fee 3.6% + $0.30
 Chargebacks $15 $20 $15***
 Fraud Protection $0 $10/mo + $0.05 $0

* American Express card usage fees: $0.15 per transaction on Braintree. Merchant may be subject to additional fees assessed by American Express.
** American Express card usage fees: 3.5% per transaction on PayPal Payments Pro.
*** We fully refund the $15 fee if you win the dispute. We give you the tools to easily respond to disputes via the Dashboard.


WorldPay and are gateways only, and require a separate merchant services account. If you already have a WorldPay or account, or you already have a merchant services account and would like to sign up for a gateway only, you should use one of these options.

Also see "How to Integrate your Payment Gateway"

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by emailing or calling 480-779-7278!

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