Quoting Tool Overview

The Quoting Tool is designed for parts professionals looking for a swift and efficient way to manage order volume and streamline time-consuming workflows. It addresses critical challenges such as:

  • The cumbersome use of multiple systems to process quotes.
  • Missing out on sales opportunities due to inefficient quoting processes.
  • Spending excessive time on activities that don't directly contribute to revenue generation.

How to Create a Quote

  1. Click New Quote on the top navigation bar.
    New Quote.PNG
  2. Select your selling channel in the store drop-down menu.
    Channel Selection.PNG
  3. Search for an existing customer or create a new customer .
  4. Click Add Vehicle.
    Add Vehicle.PNG
  5. Enter the VIN or Year, Make, Model, and Trim of the vehicle.
  6. Search for a SKU or product name (or create custom item).
  7. Add the quantity (and price for a custom item).
  8. Add W&D.
  9. Click email quote.
    Email Quote.PNG
  10. In the order summary section, add a shipping quote and, if desired, a discount. 

Video Walkthrough

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