This article includes a text and video overview of the RevolutionParts Control Panel!

The rest of this article is a transcription of the video above.


When you log in, you’ll land on the "Dashboard" page. Here, you’ll find current performance statistics, such as the number of new orders, total sales value by date, and more.

You can use the two dropdown menus above this section to view more specific metrics for each of your stores, or for a custom time frame.

Further down the "Dashboard" page, you’ll see the five most recent orders your stores have received. You’ll see basic order information for quick reference, and you’re able to jump right into the order by clicking on the order number.



We cover details of the "Order" page and order tools in another video, which you can find by clicking here!

Click on the "Orders" button next to the RevolutionParts logo to access all new orders, as well as your entire order history, including cancelled orders, completed orders, abandoned shopping carts, and more. You’ll also be able to create quotes to send via email or process as phone orders, which we review in more detail in this article.



Head over to the "Products" section to review and edit the part information displayed to your customers. You can also create custom products (including bundles or kits), manage listings for Amazon and eBay, and upload your inventory to keep your listings up-to-date.



The "Reports" page allows you to gather more advanced data for things like completed orders, order gross profit or net profit, shipping costs, taxes charged, and more.



Whether your customer found you through Amazon, eBay, or your Web Store, they’re most likely to reach out via email. Messages from any store you operate through RevolutionParts can be managed through the Inbox, where you can both read and respond to customer emails. We can notify your work email when there’s a new message, and the envelope icon will indicate unread messages.



Finally, click the “gear” button to access the settings related to your RevolutionParts account and each store through which you sell. You may be looking to add a new shipping option, update a store policy, or adjust your pricing strategy - among many other things, these are all done from the settings section.


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