Customers of RevolutionParts have access to an exciting feature called a Storefront Plugin store. The Storefront Plugin store serves as a front-end shopping experience meant to be installed directly on the dealership website. If you're reading this article, it's likely because you've been tasked with installing a Storefront Plugin store for a RevolutionParts customer.

To install the Plugin store:

  1. Confirm the URL where the Storefront Plugin store will be installed.
    The Storefront Plugin store can only be installed on one specific URL at a time, and the code won't work unless it's installed on the exact same page that's inserted into the RevolutionParts Control Panel.
    • If you were provided a page URL for installation, get ready to modify the source code for that page and proceed to the next step.
    • If you weren't provided a page URL, you can create a new page (for example, "/order-parts" or "/parts-store") and provide that URL back to the dealership. They'll then need to insert that URL into the corresponding field on the RevolutionParts Control Panel before the Plugin store will work correctly.
  2. Confirm the installation script you were sent.
    • If you were provided an installation script, proceed to the next step.
    • If you were't provided an installation script, you'll need to ask your contact at the dealership to follow Steps 1-7 in this article. Once they do, they can send you the required installation script, and you can proceed to the next step.

  3. To install the Storefront Plugin store, copy the installation script you were provided and paste it into the source code of the destination URL where you'd like the Storefront Plugin store to appear.
    The script above is an example; your script will be sent to you from your contact at the dealership.

    PLEASE NOTE: The plugin script must be installed exactly as it appears in the "Installation Script" box. Any modifications, rearrangements, or any other changes are made to the script will likely cause it to fail. The script must also be installed as code, not plain text.

    When possible, avoid burying the installation script in too many <div> tags.

  4. THE FOLLOWING STEP IS OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED: Copy the meta tags into the <head> section of the page that houses the Plugin store. Only install this script on the page specified for the Plugin store. The installation will work without these meta tags, but will perform better (decreased page load time and increased mobile compatibility) with these tags installed.
    The script above is an example; your script can be found on the RevolutionParts Control Panel.

  5. Once the script(s) have been installed, you should see either A) a set of grey boxes (meaning the Plugin store isn't ready yet on the RevolutionParts Control Panel), or a series of links, images, and a search box (implying the store has ready to go). If you see only the grey boxes, get back with the dealership and tell them the script has been installed, and is ready to be enabled. 
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