Your RevolutionParts subscription includes a Parts Counter selling channel, which can be used in a number of ways for a number of reasons! For a quick breakdown of what you can do using Parts Counter, read below!

Don't see Parts Counter in your account? You may need to upgrade to the new Control Panel! Contact RevolutionParts Support to get started.

Storefront Plugin Parts Store

The standout feature of your Parts Counter selling channel is the included Storefront Plugin store! Your Storefront Plugin store can be inserted into your dealership website to replace the "parts inquiry" form, allowing your interested customers to browse through the OEM catalog and order parts directly from your dealership website!

The orders received through your Storefront Plugin store feed directly into your RevolutionParts Control Panel alongside your other orders. Additionally, your Storefront Plugin store comes with a custom pricing template that only applies to buyers shopping on that store, allowing you to control the pricing your Storefront Plugin store customers see.


Screenshot of an actual Parts Counter Plugin store installed on a dealership's website.

Note that you'll likely need the help of your IT team (or whoever controls your dealership website) to install your Storefront Plugin store on your dealership website.

For installation instructions for your Storefront Plugin store, click here.

Custom Pricing Templates

Your Parts Counter selling channel allows you to set up custom pricing templates completely independent from your other selling channels, meaning you don't necessarily have to offer your Web Store prices on Parts Counter. You can set up a Parts Counter pricing template that offers everything at MSRP, or another that uses Cost + 15%. You could even configure a pricing template for your favorite/repeat customers to give them a better deal when they call you!

Separating your price rules becomes especially handy when combined with the other features outlined below!


Various custom pricing templates.

Send Quotes to Customers/Take Phone Orders

Whether you have a Web Store, an eBay store, an Amazon store, or any combination of the three, you can send quotes and process phone orders in the RevolutionParts system using your Parts Counter store!


The store selector on the quote creation page.

You can also choose the pricing template you want to use when building a quote, allowing you to quote a customer using any of your custom pricing templates in an instant.

Take In-Person Orders Over the Counter

Parts Counter is called Parts Counter for a reason! For the first time ever, it's possible to process orders using the RevolutionParts system for walk-up customers, without having to go to your RevolutionParts Web Store. To do so, simply use the "New Quote" function of the Control Panel, then build your walk-up customer's order right in front of them.

This is particularly helpful for dealerships who don't have a Web Store, but would like to use the RevolutionParts system to process walk-up orders. You can configure the "Default - Retail" pricing template to set the sale price of your parts for walk-up customers, or you can set up new pricing templates to price your parts however you want!

Many More Upcoming Features

Parts Counter will eventually be home to a number of new features as the platform continues to expand. Keep your eyes on the platform and your Parts Counter store for exciting new features!

Don't see Parts Counter in your account? You may need to upgrade to the new Control Panel! Contact RevolutionParts Support to get started.

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