This article will walk you through enabling Yotpo's Q&A feature!

note: If when you go through these steps, you do not see the "Yotpo" integration from the list of options, please reach out to our Support team. We will be able to turn that feature on for you.

  1. Log into your account on
  2. Click the Account Settings gear on the top-right corner.
  3. In the left-side menu, click "Integrations"
    NOTE: if you already have Yotpo enabled, skip to Step 7.
  4. Click the green "+New Integration" button on the top-right corner.
  5. Scroll down and select "Yotpo" under Product Reviews, then click "Next"
  6. Select your store for the integration, enter your Yotpo App Key and Secret (obtained form your Yotpo account) and click the large blue button.
  7. On the popup that follows, set the "Enable Q&A" option to "Yes," then click "Update Integration."
    If Yotpo was previously enabled, click the grey pencil to the far-right of the integration.
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