Your Storefront Plugin store can be used to replace the parts form on your dealership website, and allows buyers to place orders directly rather than submit a parts inquiry. The orders feed directly into your RevolutionParts Control Panel! Installation is a breeze, and with a little help from your IT team, you can have a functional Storefront Plugin store up and running in minutes.


NOTE: Every step in this walkthrough is required for your Storefront Plugin to work correctly.

NOTE: it's very likely that you'll need the help of your IT team (or whoever controls your dealership website) to install the Storefront Plugin store script (Steps 8-10).

Are you a web developer installing the Storefront Plugin code? Read this article!



To install your Storefront Plugin store:

  1. Log into your account on

  2. Click on the Account Settings gear in the top-right corner of the Control Panel.

  3. In the left-side menu next to "Selling Channels," click on the green cross

  4. Next, click "Plugin," then, "Installation."

  5. IMPORTANT 1: To begin setting up your Storefront Plugin store, check the box at the top of the page.

  6. IMPORTANT 2: Next, enter the desired URL of the destination for your Storefront Plugin store. For example, if your Storefront Plugin store will be installed on your dealership website's parts page, your URL might look something like this: Be sure to include the http/https portion of the URL. If you don't have a dedicated page on which to install your Storefront Plugin store, you may want to have your web team create one first.
    The domain above is an example; the actual domain on which you want your Storefront Plugin installed will need to be entered.

  7. IMPORTANT 3: After entering the store URL, click the "Save" button on the top-right corner.

    PLEASE NOTE: At this point, the system automatically creates the "Plugin" Pricing Template for your Storefront Plugin. The price rules for your Storefront Plugin are automatically pulled from the "Default - Retail" pricing template from your Web Store. To learn how to configure your price rules, click here.

    PLEASE NOTE: You'll likely need the assistance of your IT team (or whoever handles your dealership website) for the rest of the installation.

  8. To install your Storefront Plugin store, copy the script in the box under Step 1 and paste it into the source code of the destination URL where you'd like the store to appear.
    The script above is an example; your script can be found on the RevolutionParts Control Panel.

    PLEASE NOTE: The plugin script must be installed exactly as it appears in the "Installation Script" box. Any modifications, rearrangements, or any other changes are made to the script will likely cause it to fail. The script must also be installed as code, not plain text.

  9. You'll also need to copy the meta tag in the <head> section of the page that houses the Storefront Plugin store. This will improve page load time and mobile compatibility.
    The script above is an example; your script can be found on the RevolutionParts Control Panel.

  10. Configuring the Server Scripts (Step 3 of installation) is optional, but recommended. It requires some familiarity with server configuration, so you'll likely need to get your IT team involved to complete that step.

  11. After the store has been enabled, the destination URL has been entered, and the necessary steps (1 and 2) have been completed, you'll need to click the "Verify Installation" button on the top-right to finalize the process.

  12. If everything worked, your Storefront Plugin store should be immediately visible on the destination URL! If not, you'll be presented with any errors in a popup.

If you haven't already, don't forget to configure your Storefront Plugin's price rules! To learn how to configure your price rules, click here.

That's it! Your Storefront Plugin store should now be visible to potential buyers, and orders received through the Storefront Plugin store will be routed directly into your RevolutionParts Control Panel with the store labeled as whichever name you want to give it under the General tab.Screen_Shot_2021-07-20_at_4.08.08_PM.png

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