Please note that this video may be out of date! For the most recent instructions regarding inventory upload, click here.

You can create product listings to sell your inventory on eBay, Amazon, and other future selling channels!

Note: before you create listings for your store(s), you’ll first need to upload your inventory into the Control Panel. If you have a DMS integration, your inventory uploads should be happening automatically. Otherwise, you’ll need to upload your inventory manually. Click here for instructions on uploading inventory.

Once your inventory is loaded, you can begin creating listings!


Creating Listings Automatically

You can enable automatic listing creation on the individual store level by checking the checkbox to automatically create listings from your inventory uploads.

  1. Click the Account Settings gear on the top-right corner.
  2. Select your desired eBay or Amazon store, then "General."
  3. For eBay, the checkbox is at the top of the page. For Amazon, the checkbox is at the bottom of the page.

Please note that this checkbox doesn't work retroactively; you'll need to upload a new and unique inventory file in order for the checkbox to take effect.


Creating Listings in Bulk

Follow the steps below to create listings manually in bulk:

  1. Click the Account Settings gear on the top-right corner
  2. Click “Bulk” in the left-side menu, then “Imports.”
  3. Click “New Import” to see the import popup.
  4. On this popup, set the upload type to “Listings.”
  5. Download and open the .csv file template. Populate the template with the products for which you want to create listings.
    • IMPORTANT: save your listings file as a .csv, not an .xls or .xlsx.
  6. Back in the Control Panel, select the listings file you just saved.
  7. Set the target store to the one on which you want to upload your listings.
  8. Click “Upload File.”

Once the system finishes processing your file, listings will be created for the products you specified. You can find your listings under the Listings tab of the Products section. From there, you can review your listings and push them live to your desired selling channels.


Creating Listings Individually

In addition to bulk importing listings, you can also create listings individually using the Product Page. Follow the steps below to create a listing for an individual product:

  1. Click on "Products" in the top-menu.
  2. In the left-side menu, use the search box to locate the desired product.
  3. Once you find the product you want, click the part number to see the product info page.
    • NOTE: you can only create listings for products that have more than 0 Quantity On Hand. If the product doesn't have any Quantity On Hand, update it and save changes first before attempting to create a listing.
  4. Use the store selector in the top-right corner to select the store for which you want to create the listing.
  5. After selecting the desired store and verifying that the product has Quantity On Hand, click the “Create Listing” button.

After the page refreshes, a listing will have been created for that product (which should be visible in the "Listings" tab of the "Products" section). Note that your product will likely go into the Ready To List section, but check the other listing statuses if you don't see it there (such as Missing Info or Filtered).

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