A bundle in RevolutionParts is like a kit; it allows you to sell a number of parts together under the same SKU. You can use bundles to sell brake kits, pairs of wiper blades, headlight bundles, and more!


Creating a Bundle

Creating a bundle is super simple, and opens up a wide range of possibilities! To create a bundle, we'll first create a bundle "shell" to put products into.

  1. Log into your account on
  2. Click the "Products" link in the top-menu.
  3. Click the large green "+ Create Product" button in the top-right corner.
  4. In the popup, change the Product Type to "Bundle."
  5. Enter a SKU for your bundle (it doesn't have to be a real part number) and set the Brand for your bundle (the MPN should automatically copy from the SKU).
  6. Click "Create Product."

After the "shell" of the bundle has been created, you'll need to enter some information to make it sellable.

  1. On the bundle's product page, give the bundle a Title (name) and a Description.
  2. For the "Weight & Dimensions" fields, the system will automatically calculate the combined weight and dimensions based on the products in the bundle. Alternatively, you can click the grey pencil to the right of the message to manually enter the weight and dimensions for the bundle (useful if you already know the shippable weight and dimensions).
  3. The "Quantity On Hand" field only matters if you plan to sell the bundle on eBay or Amazon. The Quantity On Hand for the bundle will be automatically set to the same inventory count as the item in the bundle with the lowest quantity on hand.
    • For example, if a bundle with part numbers A, B, and C exists, and A has an individual quantity on hand of 4, B has 7, and C has 14, the Quantity On Hand for the bundle itself will be 4 (matching A, the item in the bundle with the lowest individual quantity).
  4. The "Bundle Discount" field is an optional field that allows you to remove a dollar amount or percentage from the sale price the bundle. This allows you to incentivize the purchase of the bundle instead of the individual products.
  5. Finally, "Global Attributes" can be used to mark the bundle itself Not For Sale, or choose whether or not the buyer needs to contact you before purchasing the bundle.
    • Other product-specific attributes, such as Discontinued or Local Pickup Only, are automatically inherited from the individual products in the bundle. For example, if a single product in the bundle is marked for Local Pickup Only, then the bundle itself will inherit that attribute and will be Local Pickup Only.
  6. Images can be added after the bundle is saved. Save the Bundle by clicking the blue "Save Changes" button on the top-right corner, then use the large "plus" button on the left of the page to upload an image for the bundle.
    • An image isn't necessary to sell the bundle, but it's very highly recommended.


Adding Products to a Bundle

Once the attributes for the bundle are set, you can add the individual products!

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the bundle page and click the green "+ Add Product" button.
  2. In the popup, enter the SKU (part number) of the product you want to add. Then, pressing "tab" or "enter" on your keyboard should automatically populate the "Brand" for you. If not, click the dropdown and select it manually.
    • If you're trying to add a product to the bundle that doesn't exist yet, you'll need to create it first. Check out our article on that!
  3. Enter the quantity required for this product in your bundle.
    • For example, a "Front Brakes" kit might include a pair of brake rotors, so you'd set the quantity of the brake rotor to "2".
  4. Click the "Update Bundle" button to add the product to the bundle.
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 as necessary until your bundle contains all desired products.
  6. After all desired products have been added to the bundle, click the "Save Changes" button in the top-right corner.

That's it! You've successfully created a bundle of parts ready for sale on your store(s). The bundle on the front-end of your store will include a description of all parts and quantities in the bundle, as well as the newly calculated bundle sale price.


Bundle Sale Price Calculation

The sale price for bundles is calculated automatically based on the combined sale price of all products in the bundle.

Your bundle's calculated sale price can be seen by using the store selector in the top-right corner next to the "Save Changes" button.

Simply select your desired store, then scroll to the product's store settings to see/modify the sale price (which is the sale price of the bundle before the Bundle Discount takes effect, if one exists). To view the bundle on that store, click the "Product Page" link.


Viewing Bundles on the Products Page

  1. Log into your account on
  2. Click the "Products" link in the top-menu.
  3. In the "All Products" section, there's a filter called "Type."
    • Clicking the "Type" filter will show three options: Simple, Variant, and Bundle. To show only the bundles that exist on your store, check the "Bundle" checkbox.
    • Once the products filter to show your bundles, you can click the arrow to the right of the bundle icon to expand the bundle and see the products it contains.
    • To edit an individual product contained in a bundle, simply click the part number you wish to edit.
    • To edit the bundle itself, including which parts are included, click the bundle's SKU (the bundle's part number).
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