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According to Business Insider, eCommerce auto parts sales grew 16% in the US last year, reaching $7.4 billion dollars. The OEM parts market is quickly moving to the virtual space, which brings new opportunities to take your parts department to the next level.

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Pricing: Having an optimized pricing strategy that works for both you and your customers is critical to your success online. You've probably noticed that the online market is extremely competitive, so keeping your pricing ahead of the competition will give you a leg up.

Your Implementation Manager will help you set up your initial pricing matrix during the setup process. As the parts market changes, so should your pricing. We recommend searching for popular parts online to see how you stack up against others selling these parts online. This can help increase conversions and improve overall store performance.


Shipping: Second to pricing, shipping costs can also have a huge impact on whether or not shoppers will convert into buyers. To make sure you offer the best possible shipping prices, we recommend integrating your FedEx, UPS, & USPS accounts into the RevolutionParts Control Panel. Doing so will allow you to pull live quotes for the parts your customer is interested in buying.


Marketing: In addition to pricing and shipping strategies, the most effective way to drive traffic to your store is to run an effective marketing strategy. Your success online will almost always mirror your marketing efforts, so be absolutely sure that marketing in one way or another is a top priority. If you had just opened a brick-and-mortar store, you'd have to put a sign on the building so customers would know you're there!

RevolutionParts offers PPC marketing services, which you can review on our Marketing Services page!



You'll inevitably have some questions about your store, the Control Panel, best practices, and other things. The RevolutionParts Knowledge Base contains a ton of articles and videos that'll help you with just about any topic. Feel free to search at the top of this page for anything you need, or visit the Knowledge Base homepage to browse through our articles.

In addition to the Knowledge Base, you can reach out to the RevolutionParts Support team for assistance with anything you need! The Support team is a fantastic resource for you and your team, and can help with technical issues, Control Panel questions, order questions, how-to’s, feature walkthroughs, and anything else you might need! The Support team's contact information is available under the "Help" menu on the top-right of your Control Panel, but you can also contact us by calling

(877)587-4287, or chat with us via the platform.


Happy Selling!

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