In order to sell parts on Amazon, you'll need to meet Amazon's Seller Performance Measurements. Details for these measurements and additional performance information can be found on this page on Amazon, but we've included some key elements below!

Your Amazon store will be given a "Health Score" with the following risk levels:

  • Low Risk (5 points, Green)
  • Medium Risk (6-9 points, Yellow)
  • High Risk (10+ points, Red)

Points on your account are based on the following metrics:

  • 10 points- If you have less than $5k after 30 days of sales
  • 2 points - When your "Canceled Orders" percentage exceeds the Amazon store average order cancellation percentage by >5%
  • 2 points- If a store admin has not logged into the site in 7 days
  • 2 points - If your NPS is 6 or lower
  • 2 points - When your average dealer shipping cost is greater than average shipping quote to end user (customer)
  • 1 point - [Amazon] Defect percentage exceeds 1% (percentage of your orders that have received a negative feedback, an A-Z Guarantee claim, or a service credit card chargeback.)
  • 1 point - [Amazon] Pre-fulfilment cancel rates exceeds 2.5%
  • 1 point - [Amazon] Late shipment rate of orders exceeds 4%

For specific questions regarding your Amazon account's status, contact Amazon support.

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