A RevolutionParts Amazon store allows you to include a pre-calculated shipping estimate into the price of the product listing, which results in a final sale price (with shipping included) and the listing marked as "Free Shipping" on Amazon. This will result in a higher listing status on Amazon, and increase the likelihood of products being purchased from your store. This article will walk you through the setup process!

Note: these instructions are only relevant to customers with a RevolutionParts Amazon store. If you want an Amazon store but don't have one yet, you can contact your Account Manager or reach out to to get started!

  1. Log into your account on
  2. Click on the gear in the top-right corner to access your Account Settings.
  3. Using the left-side menu, navigate to Selling Channels, your Amazon store, then Shipping > Methods.
  4. To enable included shipping, check the box next to, "Include shipping in item price."
  5. After checking the box, a popup will appear (with a link to this article). Click the "Include Shipping in Price" button to continue.
    • PLEASE NOTE: while the checkbox on the Shipping Methods page enables the setting on the RevolutionParts side, you'll want to enable the included shipping feature (called "Free Economy" on Amazon) on your actual Amazon account in order for the feature will work as intended. If you enable the feature on RevolutionParts but not on your Amazon account, shipping charges will stack onto each other, resulting in a "doubled" shipping amount.

    • To enable Amazon's "Free Economy" feature (necessary for shipping estimates to work), log in to your Amazon seller account on
    • Click on "Settings" in the top-right corner, then "Shipping Settings"
    • Click on "Edit Template" in the top-right corner.
    • Under the "Domestic Shipping" section, enable check the checkbox for "Free Economy," then confirm the popup that appears.
    • Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Save" button to lock in your change.
  6. Once the "Free Economy" feature has been enabled on your Amazon account, you'll need to configure the shipping methods you want to offer to your buyers. We recommend adding a Ground method, an Expedited method, and an Oversized Ground option.

Amazon allows for three types of shipping methods; Carrier rate tables, Fixed or Flat, and Freight (oversized).

Carrier Rate Tables

This method type allows you to select from a list of common shipping methods offered by FedEx, UPS, and USPS.  Choose the desired method (the "speed" should update automatically when you select the method).  In the "Method Criteria," you can choose the weight range for which you want this method to apply, whether or not this method allows hazmat shipments, and whether or not this method requires a minimum order subtotal.  You can then add a fee on top of the Live Rates calculated by the carrier before saving the method.

For example, if UPS Ground quotes $10 to ship a package, and you add a 15% fee, the buyer would see $11.50 to ship via UPS Ground ($10 + 15%).

Fixed or Flat

This method type allows you to fix the shipping price of an order based on a flat rate, the order subtotal, or the order weight.  First, set the shipping "speed," enter the weight range the method will apply to, then choose the calculation method.  When you've configured the method to preference, click the "Add Method" button.

Freight (Oversized items over 150lbs)

This method only appears on orders/items that qualify as "oversized," which are oversized items weighing 150lbs or more.  You can choose to base the method on "Fixed" (for which you can set a base price and an additional fee per item), or "Based on Weight" (for which you can set a base price and an additional fee per pound).  When you've configured the method to preference, click the "Add Method" button.


BE AWARE that if you don't add a freight method, the system will calculate oversized shipments using the default shipping rule, which uses a percentage of the order subtotal as the shipping amount. If you want to modify the shipping default percentage, click the grey pencil to the right of the default, then set the percentage to whatever you'd like.


That's it! Your Amazon listings will now have a pre-calculated shipping price included in the sale price of the product with the listings themselves marked as "Free Shipping."

Note: our system calculates shipping using UPS rates quoted at 2 ship zones. The shipping charges generated by our system are estimates, and your actual shipping charge may be higher or lower than what the RevolutionParts shipping methods calculated.

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