1. Log in to your Dashboard at
    2. Click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the page.
    3. Click on "Selling Channels" in the left-side menu, then your store, then "Pricing."

    4. Once you're on the price rules page, it should look something like this:2-3.png

Changing the default price rules

If there are no price rules configured for a particular manufacturer or dollar range, your parts will automatically be priced based on your default rules.  To configure your defaults,

  1. Click on the pencil to the right of either the Cost rule or the MSRP rule in the blue box on the top-right corner of the page.
  2. Change the percentage to the desired value.
  3. Click the "Save" button to save your changes.


How to switch between basing price rules on MSRP or Cost

You can choose to base your price rules off of the catalog MSRP price of the part, or the Cost.  Note that changing this setting won't affect your price rules themselves, but may change which price rule affects which parts, depending on what the part's MSRP and Cost prices are.

  1. Next to the manufacturer's name under the manufacturer dropdown, find the text that says, "Ranges based on MSRP/Cost  CHANGE."
  2. To toggle between settings, click the "CHANGE" button, then confirm the change.  The text will always show the current calculation method (either MSRP or Cost).


Adding new price rules

To add a new price rule,

  1. Select the desired manufacturer from the manufacturer drop-down (this may be pre-selected for you).
  2. Click on the "Add New Rule" button.

Doing so will bring up the following prompt:


This is where you'll define your price rule.

  1. Select whether or not the rule will apply to All (parts & accessories), or Accessories only.
  2. Set the price range your rule will apply to.  This range is based on the price type you selected earlier, either MSRP or Cost.  You can use the range to build a pricing matrix (one rule at $0-10, another at $10-100, and another at $100-NO LIMIT), or you can set the range to $0-NO LIMIT to make it apply to the entire catalog.
  3. Choose the price rule type.  Options include MSRP-, Cost+, or Cost-.
  4. Enter the percentage value depending on the price rule type.  For MSRP-based price rules, the number is the percentage off of MSRP.  For Cost based ones, it's the percentage over Cost.
  5. It's recommended to set a "Cost+minimum" percentage for MSRP based rules so that your parts never sell at or below Cost.  For instance, if MSRP-20% would go below Cost, a Cost+minimum of 10% would make the cheapest a part can possibly go 10% over Cost.  (This can also be done in reverse for Cost based rules by applying a MSRP- maximum.)
  6. Click "Add Rule" to add your price rule.

You'll now see your new price rule!


You can add multiple price rules with different price ranges to make a custom price table, and you can set the prices for accessories only by creating "All" price rules (which override any overlapping Parts & Accessories rules).


Editing or deleting existing price rules

You can edit any existing price rules by clicking the grey pencil to the far-right of any existing rule, or delete the rule by clicking the grey trash can icon.


General recommendations

Keeping in mind that Amazon fees are 12% of the total, we recommend the following price rules as a starting point. Feel free to modify these rules as-needed.


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