May 2024 Release Notes

Inventory Modal

Users can now view all available inventory from local warehouses and shared warehouses from an Order, Quote, or Product page in the RP Platform.

Shared warehouses include PDC and warehouses shared with other retailers (e.g., Vintage Parts).

If necessary, the QOH can still be modified from the Product page. It will remain in place until a new inventory upload.

Users can easily access each warehouse to review the configuration for which channels have access to its inventory and the lead times set for each warehouse.

Split Order Routing

Dealers connected to Vintage Parts or another external warehouse can now drop ship select items from an order.

Use the “Actions” button on the Order Page above the list of order items, you will see the option to dropship any selected item.

Once selected, you’ll see the modal below to drop ship those specific items to the external warehouse.

RevolutionParts UPS Reactivated

  • Dealers will again see "RP UPS" as a shipping option if they are set up for automatic billing
  • RP UPS offers shipments via UPS at a 20-25% discount
  • RevolutionParts customers are billed monthly by RP for UPS labels created

USPS First Class Replaced by Ground Advantage

  • USPS First Class Mail has been auto-updated to USPS Ground Advantage for accounts using this service. Rates for the services are very similar (USPS Ground Advantage is 1.4% cheaper than First Class & Parcel), but you can update your markup percentage as needed.
  • For RevolutionParts customers not currently using USPS First Class Mail, USPS Ground Advantage can be added as a new shipping method for your account.

Web Store Bulk Ordering

There is a new module available for Web Stores that allows shoppers to use a CSV file upload to populate their cart with products in bulk. This will be a helpful tool for wholesale customers purchasing in bulk or repeat buyers who frequently want to repopulate their cart with the same list of items.

You can add this to your store by navigating to your Web Store settings, Design, and Page Layouts. You can then add the module called “Bulk Order” to any page layout of your choosing. Don’t forget to add some styling to make sure that it fits in nicely with your store design.

Brand Filter for DSEO pages

We have built new filtering functionality for webstore Dynamic SEO pages that allows you to pre-filter products to specific brand(s). This allows you to create brand-specific navigation and content pages, which can be helpful for growing organic search.

Update Inventory and Pricing Only Setting for eBay

We offer a new setting for eBay selling channels that will modify the way RevolutionParts updates listings. Instead of always updating all listing content, this new setting would allow you to only update inventory and pricing data using RevolutionParts and nothing else. With this setting on, you can use any tools that you like in the eBay platform to customize your listings and we will not overwrite it with content from your RevolutionParts account.

A new setting is available for Web Store promotions that allows you to limit the promotion to a specific brand of your choosing and more intentional and specific with the promotions that you offer.

BMW PDC and MINI PDC warehouses are now available to BMW US and MINI PDC dealers.

PDC Inventory for Mercedes-Benz US dealers

PDC Inventory gives MBUSA dealers the power to synchronize parts availability with the current stock available at Parts Distribution Center (PDC) nationwide. PDC Inventory does the same for MINI PDC dealers with their inventory. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Minimized order cancellations. No more disappointed customers due to out-of-stock parts. List product availability (Available, On Backorder, or Discontinued) based on the stock available at PDCs nationwide.
  • Access to extended inventory. Your inventory isn't limited to what's in your local warehouse anymore. Now, include the stock available at all PDCs, effectively expanding the availability of your parts.
  • Increased sales conversions. By showcasing additional stock levels from PDCs on your Web Store, customers are more likely to find what they need and make a purchase.


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