January and February 2024 Release Notes


Over the past few months, our team has been hard at work enhancing the platform to provide you with an even more streamlined experience. From fine-tuning the buyer profile address field to introducing exciting new features like the in-stock-only Web Store configuration, we're thrilled to share these updates with you. Read more about the updates below:



In-Stock-Only Web Store Configuration

  • We created a new configuration for Web Stores that restricts items for sale to ONLY in-stock items. Interested? Reach out to support or CSM and we can enable this setting for you (we can turn your Web Store into an in-stock-only selling channel).


Brand Names and Logos for Web Store Product Listings

  • Product brand names and logos have been added to Web Store product listings to help ensure brand awareness and customer confidence. Shoppers on Web Stores will now be able to easily determine the brand of intel when viewing a list of products (Search Results, Category pages, DSEO Pages, Custom Category pages, etc.) without needing to click on the product details page.


Update to the Buyer Profile Address Field

  • Previously, the address field for parts buyers was uneditable. Now, you can modify the address field in the buyer’s user profile within the RevolutionParts Platform.


Customer Quote Modification Updates

  • Customers can modify quotes before completing checkout. Previously, customers were unable to modify their order once a quote was created and sent to them. This potentially resulted in more transactions and communication needed to get the order correct. Now, customers can navigate back to the shopping experience from the quote checkout view and freely add, remove, or modify the quantity of items in their order before completing the purchase. This update ensures a more streamlined and efficient purchasing experience for customers.


Bulk Import Tool Updates

  • Supersessions: If the uploaded file contains a superseded part number, the row will be skipped and the system will no longer log any errors for supersessions.
  • Brand Names: The BRAND column is no longer case sensitive, so the system will not create duplicate brands when different capitalization is used in a Products import.
  • Update Rules for Products Import: We added two explicit update rules for Products imports so that new products are not created unexpectedly:
    • NEW: Update existing products and ignore products that don’t exist
    • Update existing products and create new custom products.
  • Blank Fields - Default Behavior: We resolved recent issues with the default rule that resets blank fields to their original value.


PDC Inventory for Mercedes-Benz and BMW Motorrad Dealers (US)

  • PDC Inventory gives MBUSA and BMW Motorrad dealers in the US the power to synchronize parts availability with the current stock available at Parts Distribution Center (PDC) nationwide. Here’s what you can expect:
    • Minimized order cancellations. No more disappointed customers due to out-of-stock parts. List product availability (Available, On Backorder, or Discontinued) based on the stock available at PDCs nationwide.
    • Access to extended inventory. Your inventory isn't limited to what's in your local warehouse anymore. Now, include the stock available at all PDCs, effectively expanding the availability of your parts.
    • Increased sales conversions. By showcasing additional stock levels from PDCs on your Web Store, customers are more likely to find what they need and make a purchase.


Changes to Cancellation Flow for Part Not in Stock

  • The RevolutionParts system will automatically check all connected warehouses and let you know if the part attached to the order is available before cancellation.


Same-Day Delivery Service Providers (US and CA)

  • Beyond the current provider, DoorDash, US dealers now have access to Uber, Roadie, and Skipcart. Dealers in Canada will have access to Uber and DoorDash.


Quoting Tool Keyboard Accessibility

  • We’ve improved keyboard accessibility for users in the Quoting Tool. For those who prefer a keyboard instead of a mouse, the “tab” key will skip unnecessary fields and take the user straight from SKU to quantity. Hitting enter on “Add” will create a new line item for the user to type in the next SKU.


Payment Reauthorization

  • Payment reauthorization has been added to the Payments page in Settings. This setting allows dealers to re-authorize a customer's credit card if the order cannot be immediately fulfilled. This will save you the work of contacting the customer directly for their payment information again. Re-authorization attempts will occur every 6 days.



Thank you for your continued support. We always strive to improve and provide the best experience for all our users. Stay tuned for more updates!

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