Pre-built Email Templates

Revolution Parts provides a number of ready-to-go email templates so you can begin selling the moment your web store is live! All these templates can be edited at any time under the Templates settings:

1- Settings
2- Templates
3- Click on the edit pencil

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Customize Your Email Templates Like A Pro!

Are the default email templates too basic for your needs?
You also have the option to use HTML to further customize your templates. 

Simply click on the pencil for the template you want to edit and then click on < > as highlighted below. Please note that only inline-CSS is supported within the HTML box. For more information on the capabilities and limitations of this box, please see below.  

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Limits In HTML Template Customization

Editing the email templates in their own HTML box come with certain limitations. There are several design limitations to consider such as inline CSS options and Javascript is not supported.

Limited Styling Control: Without full CSS access, you are only limited to inline CSS changes within the HTML document. This means you are limited to the default browser styles for all HTML elements.

Limited Layout Flexibility: CSS is typically used for creating complex layouts (like grids or flexboxes). Without it, you're limited to the basic document flow, which means elements are limited to inline CSS rules. See this resource on inline CSS capabilities and limitations. 

Limited Interactivity: JavaScript is not supposed in customized email templates. Without JavaScript, your HTML box will only be able to provide interactivity inherent to HTML elements like links or form submissions.

Limited Form Functionality: While basic forms can be created with HTML alone, without JavaScript, you can't validate user input on the client side or create more interactive form elements.

Limited Media Presentation: There is limited support for image customization. GIFs can be added to our email templates as well as different image formats such as JPEG or PNG.

Limited PDF Functionality: PDFs are also supported but the PDF can only be accessed by the user via a URL and not as an attachment in the email. To add a PDF to your email you will need to add the file under your web store settings > Design > File Manager. From here add the image to your files and please contact Revolution Parts' Support team for further assistance with the URL path. 

No iFrames: CSS and JavaScript are used to create animations and dynamic effects. Without them, the HTML box cannot have any kind of animated or real-time changing content.

No videos: Because of the file size image and the restrains in iframes by emailing companies like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. video tags <video> or video embedded iframes are not supported in the RP email templates. 

No Animations or Dynamic Effects: CSS (no-inline CSS) and JavaScript are used to create animations and dynamic effects. Without them, the HTML box cannot have any kind of animated or real-time changing content.

Image/File size limit:
Files cannot exceed the maximum size limit of 10MB. 


Overall, you can create a solid email template with HTML alone, but please note that there are certain limits when editing in an HTML Box as well as restrictions set by the different email service providers.  All things considered, you can still create modern email templates with only HTML and inline CSS. 


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