How to Import Customers to the Control Panel

Bulk Customer Loader

This section will allow you to import Customers into your online store from a .CSV file only. Most database programs (including Excel) will allow you to import or save data in this format. The data must have a delimiter (comma, semicolon, or pipe) and each line must contain data specific to a part.

Once uploaded, RevolutionParts will ask you which column represents what data type (Customer Name,Email, Phone, and Billing Address). The Control Panel uses Email as a data key. This is a 3 step process and the data will not be stored until the final step is complete.

Delimiter used to separate the data – Comma (,) Semi-Colon (;) or Pipe (|)

Choose CSV file from local drive – Allows you to upload your CSV file to make changes.


To begin importing your current customer data you will need to create your CSV file in a spreadsheet program (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, etc.).  When creating the file you will need the following column headings: Customer Name, Email, Phone, Billing Address.


After you have created the your customer base CSV file you will upload it to the Control Panel by navigating to the "Products and Categories" tab on the left side toolbar.

From there select the option for "Bulk Loaders and Automation".

Finally choose the link for "Bulk Customer Loader".

Finally you will need to ensure that each field is labeled properly within the Control Panel.  From the drop down menu on the left hand side match the CSV label with the preferred Control Panel label.

Now that your labels are set correctly all you need to do is click the "Import Customer Info" button and your customer data will be added to your store.  Once the import has completed you will be able to find the customers information by searching for it in the "Order and Customer" tab on the top of the left side tool bar.

If you have any issues completing this upload feel free to reach out to our support staff by email ( or by phone at 480-779-7278.



If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by emailing or calling 480-779-7278!

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