Reynolds Inventory Export

Please make sure that you have Excel installed on your computer. You will also need to contact your representative at Reynolds to have them setup the inventory report for you in the system. The only information required from the report is part number and quantity on hand. You can then follow these instructions to download that report.


  1. Enter fields to break on (blank)
  2. Enter special format (Y/N) – "N"

  1. Hit “P” to print
  2. Accept “N”
  3. Go to hold (Hit “Y”)
  4. Return through and will say report complete
  5. Hit “B” to back out

  1. Go to “Run” at top of screen and hit “Download Report Wizard”
  2. Scroll down to last report and highlight
  3. Hit Options
  4. Lines to skip – “Should be…” and hit OK
  5. Then click Next (twice)
  6. Target should be “Excel”
  7. Then click “Finish”
  8. That will open up the report
  9. Look over the report and delete the complete line(s) you don’t want to sell on eBay.
  10. Once that is done save the file as a CSV (comma delimited)


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by emailing or calling 480-779-7278!

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