Setting Up Your Google AdWords Account Then Linking to Google Merchant Center & Google Analytics

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  1. Go to Google AdWords and click ‘Sign In’ on the upper right hand side of the screen.
  2. Here you should login with the same Login information as your Google Analytics and Merchant Center accounts.
  3. When you log in, you will be prompted to build your 1st campaign
  4. Copy the ‘Customer ID’ number and you will paste this code into Google Analytics and the Google Merchant Center
  5. Go to Google Analytics and click on the ‘Admin’ tab. Here under the ‘Product’ view click on ‘AdWords’ linking
  6. Next you will either select an account to link or enter the AdWords customer ID
  7. Then click ‘Continue’
  8. Now on the ‘Link Configuration’ page turn ‘All Website Data On’ then click ‘Link Accounts’
  9. After you have done this go back to your Google Merchant Center account and click on the ‘Settings’ tab
  10. Once you click on the ‘Settings’ tab then click on ‘AdWords’
  11. When you are here there may be an AdWords ID here, if not click on the ‘Link Account’ button where you will be prompted to enter the AdWords Customer ID
  12. After you enter the AdWords Customer ID click ‘Send Link Request’
  13. Now go back to your Google AdWords Account and click on the ‘Settings’ button
  14. From the drop down menu click on ‘Linked Accounts’
  15. Then click on the ‘Merchant Center’ link
  16. Here you will approve the link request, after the link request has been approved it will look like this
  17. Now Click on the ‘Google Analytics’ link
  18. Here you will be able to import a ‘Goal’, which in your case will be the transaction information from the Ecommerce Settings that you set up in Google Analytics. Click on the link.
  19. Next you will select the goal and then click ‘Import’
  20. The screen will look like this:
  21. Now click on the ‘Category’ section and change the ‘Category’ from ‘Other’ to ‘Sale/Purchase’ and then click ‘Done’
  22. Next click on the ‘Value’ section
  23. Here you will select the ‘The Value of this conversion action is managed in Analytics’ and then click ‘Done’
  24. Then click ‘Import Goals’
  25. Now everything is linked together and you are ready to build your first Shopping Campaign
  26. Click on the ‘Campaigns’ tab on the top of the page
  27. Now click on ‘Create your first campaign’
  28. The next screen will looks like this
  29. Click on ‘Type’ and change it to ‘Shopping’
  30. Now give your campaign a ‘Name’
  31. Your Merchant Center Information should show in here and you must change the country of sale to ‘United States’. If you want to sell products in different countries you will have toset up a campaign for each of those countries.
  32. Now click on the ‘Shopping Settings’
  33. Now you can change the ‘Campaign Priority’ to ‘High’. If you only sell products for one manufacturer you do not need to create a filter. However, if you sell products for multiple manufacturers then you should create a filter for each manufacturer and create a separate campaign for each manufacturer.
  34. Then scroll down on the page
  35. Then enter the location where you want your ads to show
  36. Next enter a default bid. Recommended starting bid should be around $.35-$.40 (cents)
  37. Then enter your daily budget. To get your daily budget simply divide your monthly budget by 30.4 (this is an average because not every month has the same amount ofdays)
  38. Then click ‘Save and Continue’
  39. Next you will create your first ‘Ad Group’, which will most likely be an ‘All Products’ ad group
  40. Here you should give your ‘Ad Group’ a name like ‘All Products’ and click ‘Continue’
  41. It is recommended to set up a 2nd ‘Ad Group’ where you create an ‘Ad Group’ that allows you to choose multiple product groups, option #2
  42. Select ‘Category’ here and then click ‘Continue’. Once you have this you will be able to bid separately on different products groups. (For example you can bid more for wheels than you would bid for interior items)
  43. It is recommended that you start with one bid for all of your product groups until you figure out the best bids for each product group
  44. There is a small box that is a select all, click on this then click on ‘Edit’
  45. Then click on ‘Change max CPC bids
  46. Enter your new bid here, remember no more than $.40 (cents)
  47. Now click on ‘Make Changes’ and all of your products will now have a new bid
  48. Then go back to your ‘Ad Groups’
  49. Make sure the ‘Categories’ ad group has the same bid as the product groups to start (remember the product group bids will change once you begin to receive data)
  50. Finally go back to your AdWords settings and set up your ‘Billing’
  51. Now just follow the ‘billing’ set up prompt
  52. Now your campaign should be all set up and ready to go


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