Setting Up Google Merchant Center

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  1. First step is to go to

  2. Then click the ‘Sign Up’ button

  3. After you click ‘Sign Up’ you will have one of two options. The first is to sign in with your Gmail account if you have one or to create a new account (if you want to use your work email address create a new account or sign in with your Gmail login information)

  4. Fill out the information on the ‘New Account’ creation page and use your work email address

  5. Once you have created your new account you will be taken to the next screen where you will enter information about your business,such as the Business name and the URL

  6. Once you have entered that information you should see something like this, go to the settings tab

  7. When you click on the ‘Settings’ tab the first section that expands is the ‘General Settings’ tab. There is a blue‘Edit Settings’ tab on the bottom left. Here you should make sure that the name of your parts store is correct, that the URL to your website is correct, the time zone is set correctly and you can also enter a contact for issues

  8. The next step is to verify your website by going to the ‘Website Verification' tab.

  9. It will default to giving you the HTML file; however, we want to use the ‘Alternative Method’ and it open up a menu where you have three options.

  10. Select the ‘HTML tag’ and copy the tag by highlighting the tag and right clicking your mouse and clicking copy

  11. Next go back to your Revolution Parts ADMIN panel and to ‘Marketing’

  12. Then click on ‘Site Verification'

  13. Here you paste the HTML tag that you copied from the Google Merchant Center and click ‘Save Changes’

  14. Now go back to your Google Merchant Centerto the ‘Website Verification’ settings and click ‘Verify and Claim’


  15. When your website is verified and claimed you should have green check marks

  16. The next thing to do is set up the ‘SFTP and FTP’ settings

  17. Copy the ‘FTP Username’ and ‘Generate New FTP Password’ and copy it then go back to the ‘Shopping’ tab in your ‘Google Tools’ in your RevolutionParts Admin Panel

  18. You will see the Feed that you created earlier. On the far right there will be a pencil icon, go ahead and click on it.

  19. Now scroll all the way down to the ‘Auto-Submit Credentials’ and enter the needed information

  20. The ‘Google FTP Server’ information is: and then click ‘Add’ 

  21. Now go back to your Google Merchant Center and go to the ‘Tax’ tab

  22. Set the tax settings for the state where you are located and then click ‘Save’

  23. Next you will set up your ‘Shipping’ settings. Click “+ Service” to get started.

  24. Important Note: Google now requires your website RETURN POLICY states what your customer should do if the product they receive is defective. (ex: "If parts are defective please notify us within 15 days of receipt to inquire about a parts warranty refund.")

  25. Under “Service Description” you will first select your “Target Country”, name it and click save. If you want to you can enter a transit time.

  26. In the next section you can select which products are impacted with this shipping setting. The “All Products” option should be appropriate for most dealers.

  27. The “Shipping Cost” section is where you are able to enter the type of shipping fees that you are using. Here you should select “Carrier Calculated”, unless you prefer another method.

  28. The next step is to create a “New Carrier Rate”

  29. Here you will enter the shipping information that you set up in your RevolutionParts Admin Panel. For every shipping method that you have set up in your Admin Panel you should set up a corresponding “Carrier Calculated Rate” (US Rates only).

  30. Then click on the ‘Shipping’ and then 'Shipping Methods'



  1. Here is an example for Fedex Ground U.S. Shipping –Fedex Ground Home Delivery

  2. Give your ‘Shipping Method’ a name, I recommend using the same name that is in your RevolutionParts Admin Panel because it will make things much easier

  3. Then select the ‘Carrier’

  4. Then select the ‘Service’

  5. Then enter YOUR zip code

  6. Then click ‘Save’

  7. Now you are ready to upload your first Product Feed

  8. To start click ‘+ Feed’

  9. Your ‘Mode’ will be Standard

  10. ‘Feed Type’ will be Products

  11. ‘Target Country’ will be United States (FYI, if you want to sell parts in other countries you will have to create a new feed for each country and the Product Feed has to be in that language)

  12. Now give your Feed a ‘Name’

  13. Then click ‘Continue’

  14. Now you will select an ‘Input Method for your Product Data’

  15. Select the last option ‘Upload...’ then click ‘Continue’

  16. Go back to your Rev Store feed and "right" click on feed name
  17. Select "Copy"
  18. Go back to your Merchant Center and paste the url into the box 

  19. Save

  20. Go back to your Rev Store site and click "Resubmit" to the far right of you feed

  21. Then "refresh" your Google Merchant acct page. You should see the current date after refresh. If not, go back to your Rev Store and resubmit again
  22. Once everything is processed the screen will look like this

  23. Sometimes there will be item errors, such as ‘Offer Quota full: Item rejected’ and it will tell you that some items were not approved

  24. Most of these errors are minor and will not affect your Merchant account

  25. Click on your ‘Dashboard’ tab and it will look like this:

  26. It will take Google 3-5 business days to review the first Product Feed that you upload to the Google Merchant Center. When it starts turning green that means items are active

  27. If you upload more than 150,000 products for a single feed or multiple feeds (if you sell for multiple manufacturers) all of the products over that 150,000 limit will be rejected because you have hit the limit for products that the account can have. However, you can ask Google to increase your limit. Once you hit the limit you will get a message on your ‘Dashboard’ that says ‘You have hit you limit....Learn more’

  28. Click the ‘Learn More’ button and fill out the form and submit it to Google, but do this once you have created your AdWords account. The form looks like this:
  29. It will usually take Google 2-3 business days to respond back to you (that is fast in Google terms)
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