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Generating Your First Data Feed

Generating Your First Data Feed

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  1. Login to your RevolutionParts Admin Panel
  2. Click on ‘Marketing’, the tab will expand to include a list of options
  3. Then click on ‘Google Tools’
  4. Next Click on the ‘Shopping’ tab
  5. Then ‘Create a new Feed'
  6. Now fill in the information for the ‘New
  7. You can choose either an OE Catalog or a Custom Catalog in the ‘Data Feed Source’
  8. In ‘Catalog Type’ you can pick one of three options for the type of Feed that you want to create (Parts & Accessories, Parts Only and Accessories Only)
  9. Next give your file a unique name (remember to keep the .txt at the end of the file name)
  10. Next enter an email address that will be notified when the Feed is ready
  11. Next is the ‘OE Filters’ section
  12. The first thing you will select in the ‘Manufacturer’ (if you sell parts for multiple manufacturers you NEED to create a separate Feed for each manufacturer)
  13. ‘Product Image Source’ lets you choose which images you want included in your Feed
  14. ‘Only Include Parts With Custom Images’ allows you to choose either images that have stock photos or have custom images (professional custom images are a huge plus)
  15. The next two boxes ‘Product Title Template’ and ‘Description Template’ are where you can decide what information you want to include in your product titles and your product descriptions (It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you do not change anything in these sections. In the future there will be more options available to create more customizable Feeds)
  16. ‘Always Use Description Template’ defaults to ‘No’ and will use the product description in the OE Catalog, unless you change this option to ‘Yes’
  17. The last two options let you choose the years that you want to use in your Feeds
  18. The next section is the ‘Common Filters'
  19. The first option is to include ‘Oversized Items’ in your Feed
  20. The next option is to ‘Only Include Parts With Valid Weights And Dimensions’
  21. Finally, the last two options let you control the minimum and maximum prices for the products that you want to include in your Feed (if you set a minimum price of $10 products under $10 will not be included in your Feed and if you set a maximum price of $1000 products over $1000 will not be included in your Feed)
  22. Skip the ‘Auto-Submit Credentials’ section for now, you will come backto this section once you have set up your Google Merchant Center









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