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Printing Shipping Labels from Your eBay Dashboard

Our eBay dashboard allows for you to print your Shipping Labels at the same time you complete the processing of the order.  Below are the steps you will follow to ensure you can print these labels on your local printer. 

  1. Log into the dashboard for your eBay Store at the URL: https://manage.revolutionparts.com
  1. Click on the “Orders” option in the top menu bar


  1. Locate the order you would like to ship and print a label for in the “New Order” screen; click the corresponding Order Number.


  1. You will now see the New Order you selected. To complete the order and generate the shipping label click the “Complete Order” button on the top right corner of the page.


  1. When completing the order you will be asked to choose or create a shipping carrier. Select the carrier you would like to use and hit continue.  If you have already setup your carrier you can continue on to step 9.


  1. If Needed: You will be prompted to setup your Shipping Carrier by selecting the proper shipping company and hitting continue. This will bring up the “Configuration Needed” window, click the “Click here” link.


  1. The Shipping Carriers screen will open and you will be able to adjust previously configured shipping information, or click the Add New Credential button in the top right corner of the page.


  1. If entering a new credential: Select your carrier and give it a custom name of your choosing. Next, enter in your carriers account details and click the Save/Update Credentials.


  1. Once the Carrier information has been entered in correctly you will be brought to the Create Shipment – Packaging screen. Here you will be able to confirm shipping address, shipping date and the weight and dimensions of your package.  When ready to print your label and ship simply click the “Ship” button in the bottom right corner of the window.


  1. After verifying the information on the "Create Shipment - Packaging" screen is correct simply click the "Ship" button in the lower right hand corner.  If you have already configured your printer within the dashboard your label will automatically print and your order will be completed. 


NOTE:  If you have not configured your printer in the settings menu of the dashboard follow these steps for  “Printing Setup”; this is done using the gear icon in the top right corner of any page. 


Once you have opened up the “Settings” window you will see the option for “Shipping” on the left side toolbar.  Opening this drop down menu will give you the option for “Printing Setup”.  From here you will be label to select the “Shipping Label Format” between either PDF, Eltron, and Zebra. 


If choosing Eltron or Zebra you will need to add the Print Server URL based on your local network configurations.

Please be aware that when using Eltron or Zebra you will need to configure your account with RocketShipIt. To do this click the link for either Windows or Mac listed under the "Print Server URL" field and install the software after downloading.  This will allow our system to communicate directly with your printer.

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