October and November 2023 Release Notes


In our continuous pursuit to enhance your experience, we bring you a comprehensive update for October and November. These improvements focus on simplifying processes, expanding delivery options, and refining our platform's functionality to better suit your business needs.



Platform and Workflow Enhancements

  • Updated Top Navbar: We’ve augmented the navbar in the RevolutionParts platform to feature direct-access icons for customers, reports, messages, and a new button for creating quotes.
  • New "Add Customer" Workflow: Access the "People Icon" in the top navbar to easily add individual customers, streamlining the process by bypassing the need for bulk CSV uploads.
  • Removed eBay Estimated Fees: We’ve eliminated the display of incorrectly estimated fees for eBay selling channels to ensure clarity and accuracy in pricing strategies.


Shopper Experience Improvements

  • Optimized Shopping Flow for Web Stores: Web Store shoppers will now experience an improved VIN entry process. If a VIN cannot be decoded, your shoppers will be automatically redirected to a vehicle picker page for manual selection.
  • Revamped Web Store Product Listings: Brand names and logos are now displayed on product listings, enabling shoppers to easily identify brands without diving into product details.


RP Shipping Updates

  • RP Shipping Announcement: Shipping Labels, Shipping Protection, and Same-Day Delivery are now compiled into one powerful feature set. RP Shipping provides users with a differentiated shipping experience, carefully crafted to reduce costs, eliminate wasted time, and accelerate the flexibility to send and receive parts. Enable automatic billing to take advantage of these features today.
  • Paused RP UPS Rates: We’ve temporarily suspended RP UPS rates while we collaborate with UPS to secure competitive rates for the RevolutionParts platform.
  • Same-Day Delivery Service Expansion: Added new providers for Same-Day Delivery, including DoorDash, Uber, Roadie, Point Pickup, and Skipcart in the US (DoorDash and Uber in Canada), facilitating rapid local parts delivery.
  • RP FedEx Rates Testing: We are actively testing RP FedEx rates, preparing them for future availability.

Impact and Benefits

  • Streamlined Customer Management: The new "Add Customer" feature simplifies individual customer additions, enhancing user efficiency.

  • Enhanced Shopping Experience: With the VIN entry optimization and brand display updates, your Web Store customers enjoy a more intuitive and informed shopping process.
  • Improved Navigation and Accessibility: The redesigned top navbar makes accessing key platform features more straightforward.
  • Expanded Delivery Options: The introduction of diverse delivery service providers significantly broadens the scope for swift and efficient local deliveries with Same-Day Delivery.
  • Accurate and Transparent Pricing: By removing incorrect eBay fees, we ensure more reliable and clear cost calculations for sellers.
  • Preparation for Enhanced Shipping Rates: Our ongoing testing of RP FedEx rates is aimed at providing you with more competitive shipping options in the near future.


We are committed to evolving and adapting to meet your needs and appreciate your ongoing support and feedback. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements!

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