Please note, if you have not created your Shopping Feed and submitted it to Google Merchant Center, you'll need to do that first. Click here!

For a more in-depth look at creating a Shopping campaign, you can reference Google’s article on How to Set up a Shopping Campaign

To create a Google Shopping campaign,

  1. Log into your Google Adwords account
  2. Select the “Campaigns” section in your top navigation
  3. Click on the + Campaign button 
  4. From the drop down select “Shopping”
  5. Fill out your shopping campaign
    • Name your Campaign
    • Type: ShoppingScreen_Shot_2017-07-11_at_11.32.53_AM.png
    • Merchant Identifier should be linked to your Google Merchant Center.
    • Country of Sale: Select the country the feed was created for
  6. Shopping Settings (click the + to expand) 
    • Local - "checkmark" if this applies to your campaign 
    • Location: Select the location you are going to Target. If the feed was built for just the United States, select “United States”Screen_Shot_2017-07-11_at_11.35.29_AM.png
  7. Location Options (click the + to expand)  
    • Bid Strategy (IMPORTANT) – Your bid strategy is how you will spend your daily budget on clicks on your product ads. Google makes this easy for you by setting up default strategies for you to choose from or you can manually set your CPC strategy. The options are as follows:
      • Target ROAS - With target ROAS, AdWords automatically sets bids to help get as much conversion value as possible at the target return on ad spend (ROAS) you set. Some conversions may have a higher or lower return than your target.
      • Maximize Clicks - With maximize clicks, AdWords automatically sets your bids to help get as many clicks as possible within your budget.
      • Enhanced CPC- AdWords automatically adjusts your manual bids to help maximize conversions.
      • Manual CPC - You set your own maximum cost-per-click (CPC) for your ads.
    • Budget: Choose your daily budget (how much you are willing to spend on ads per day)Screen_Shot_2017-07-11_at_11.42.06_AM.png
  8. Delivery Method (click the + to expand) Screen_Shot_2017-07-11_at_11.42.54_AM.png
  9. Click Save and Continue
  10. Set an Ad Group Name and hit Save and Continue. To learn more about Ad Groups, click here.

Your shopping campaign has been officially set up! 

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