We currently integrate with:
CDK (formerly ADP),
DealerVault - which integrates with the following:

  • Reynolds & Reynolds (two DMS products, both supported) - NOT FULLY AUTOMATED. Dealer still has to push reports through Reynolds daily for inventory to update in our system and feed through DealerVault. Download the instructions here.

    • Ignite (also known as ERA, or ERA Ignite)

    • UCS (also known as Power, UCS Power)

  • ACS (Dominion)

  • Automate

  • CDK

  • DealerTrack

  • PBS

  • Quorum

and Automate.

Other vendors are not supported at this time, but you can manually create tickets for each DMS order.

The timing of the DMS setup is very important since we start charging immediately upon paperwork completion. To begin the integration, complete the paperwork here. We recommend waiting until AFTER your payment processor is integrated to complete this paperwork in order to avoid being charged too early.

Below are questions that will need to be answered in order to complete the DMS integration process and customize functionality to your specific needs:

  • Printer number to use on DMS Export This is the printer number you see on the order screen when you go to print. Example "2". It should not be the longer printer name. If this is set, any order exported will immediately be printed to this server.
  • DMS Web Customer Account- If you want to use one DMS Customer Account for all web orders, please provide this value. Otherwise, a new customer may be created for each order (except for repeat customers).
  • DMS Sale TypeDefaulted to CASH. Let us know if you want something different.
  • DMS Counter Person #(Default) - The default counter person to use for every order.



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