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Getting started with Message Center


What is Message Center? Message Center is the email application within your RevolutionParts Control panel that helps you send and receive emails. This article will go over some of the general uses of message center, how it works, and some quick tips. 


How to get to Message Center?

To access message center all you have to do is click on the Message Center icon in the top left hand corner of your site

You can view the number of unread message by looking at “(0 Unread)” notification on the control panel home page

How does Message Center work?

After entering Message Center, you will see a list of active messages. Active messages are emails that have yet to be opened or responded to.  Once opened the message will grey out as if it was viewed.

How do I send an email?

You can send a email by clicking on the "Compose Message" button in the top right hand corner of the screen. 

Enter the email address, subject and email content

You can also include attachments within your email (Under 2mb file size)

To send the email click "Send Message"


What happens when I am done with an email thread?

Once you have completed your interaction with your customer you can change the status of a message to “Resolved”. Resolved message will be sent to the resolved message tab.

NOTE: Any order that is marked as resolved will stay in the resolved queue for 30 days. After 30 days the resolved email will be removed from the system.


What other message options do I have?

After you select an email you have a few additional options: delete, mark as spam, mark as read, or mark as unread.


Can I search my list of emails?

Yes, you can use the search bar in the top right hand corner of Message Center to search for emails.


Still have questions about the RevolutionParts Message Center? You can contact our support team at Support@revolutionparts.com! 


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Where are My Messages?

  1. Click the Mail icon the menu

How do I Write an Email?

  1. Click the green "Compose" buttonScreen_Shot_2017-07-11_at_1.22.13_PM.png
  2. Compose New Message box:
    • Recipient Email - enter customers email
    • Subject - Title of email
    • Text Replacements - Select a variable the will added to the subject line (ex: Order Number will input the customers order #)
    • Input your message/email into text box - 
    • Select a variable the will added to the subject line (ex: Store Logo will input your company logo)
    • Upload Attachment - Attach a file, image or doc
    • Send MessageScreen_Shot_2017-07-11_at_12.52.37_PM.png

What are My Options? 

When an email(s) is selected, you will have different email options

  1. Folder Icon (1) - Sends email to Archive tab
  2. Trash Icon (2) - Sends email to the Trash tab
  3. More (3) - Mark email as unread, important and not important (deselects important)Screen_Shot_2017-07-11_at_1.01.22_PM.png
  4. Order - Click the "Order" icon to go to the order attach to the emailScreen_Shot_2017-07-11_at_1.10.17_PM.png

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by emailing
support@revolutionparts.com or calling 480-779-7278!

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