For instructions on setting up shipping label printing, click here.

For instructions on integrating a thermal printer, click here.

In this article, we'll cover how to print shipping labels from the Order Page in RevolutionParts!


Printing labels

To print a label, navigate to your Orders screen and find the order you'd like to print a label for. Open that order by clicking on the order number or the customer's name.

Process the order as you normally would, collecting money and making sure you have the parts in stock. When you're ready to create a shipment for the order, click the "Create Shipment" button under the order subtotals, or the "Complete Order" button at the top-right if you're ready to complete the order.


The parts in the order will be pre-selected, indicating that you will be shipping all of the parts on the order in the same shipment. You can individually select/unselect parts to create split shipments (multiple shipments) for the same order.

The shipping carrier the customer selected during checkout will be pre-selected on the left side of the popup. When you're ready, click "Continue" to create your shipping label.

You can also use the right side of the popup to add existing tracking information if you've created the shipment through your carrier. You can also mark the shipment for local pickup.

On the screen that follows, you can set the shipment reference number and shipping date (today's date will be pre-populated). You can also mark the shipment "Adult Signature Required." Since shipping dimensions may be different than actual product dimensions, you'll need to add the weight and dimensions of your package in the fields in the "Package" section. You can also add multiple packages if necessary when shipping multiple parts in the same shipment (up to 4 packages per shipment).  

After adding the package weights and dimensions, the "Update Rates" button will turn green and become clickable. Click it to generate real-time shipping quotes from the selected carrier for the shipment with the weights and dimensions you entered.

If your shipment has multiple packages, you'll still only see one shipping amount, but the system will generate a label for each package.

To the right of the package settings, you'll see the "Shipping Estimates" section which shows you all available shipping methods for this shipment. The method the customer selected during checkout will be pre-selected for you.

The dollar amount shown next to each method is what you'll pay for the shipment, not what the customer will pay. The customer has already been charged for shipping, and will not be aware of what you paid.

Please be aware that if you change anything in the "Shipping Info" section, you'll need to click the "Update Rates" button underneath the shipping estimates to receive newly calculated estimated shipping rates.

When you've set the weight and dimensions of your package(s) and selected your shipping method, click the "Ship" button to generate a shipping label.

Please note that UPS charges your account immediately upon label creation, whereas FedEx charges upon shipment. 

The settings you configured earlier will take effect when the label is generated, and one of the following things will happen:

• If you selected "PDF" as your preferred label format, you'll be shown a print dialogue with the label in PDF format, which you can either save to your computer or print directly to your local printer.

• If you selected either "Eltron" or "Zebra" as your preferred label format, your connected printer should begin printing the label immediately.

For instructions on setting up Eltron or Zebra thermal label printing, click here.

After you've printed the label (or it printed automatically, depending on your settings), you're all done!  The order is automatically completed once all parts are assigned to a shipment, and a green "shipment" bar is added to the order where the line items used to be.  You can click on the carat next to the shipment number to edit the shipment information, or re-print the shipping label.

For instructions on setting up shipping label printing, click here.

For instructions on integrating a thermal printer, click here.


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