PLEASE NOTE: this article discusses how to add an existing tracking number to an order. If you want to generate a shipping label through the order page, read this article.

This article will walk you through manually adding a shipment to an order.

Before you proceed in creating shipment details for any order, please be sure of the following:

  • The part(s) ordered is/are in stock
  • You have collected the funds for the order
  • The fraud score for the order is satisfactory
  • The shipping address provided is valid
  • The item(s) price(s) and shipping price are correct
  • You have the tracking #'s that were generated externally (outside RevolutionParts)


To Begin:

  1. Navigate to the desired order and select Complete Order (located in the upper right) OR Create Shipment" (located below the subtotal section).



  2. You'll be taken to  the Order Fulfillment page. This is where you'll select and deselect which parts will be included in this shipment.


  3. After you've selected the parts you want to ship, select "Enter Tracking #".


  4. This shipping option will reflect additional tracking info needed.

    NOTE: this method is to be used for manually recording shipping details that were generated without use of a shipping manager. You will need to get the tracking information directly from your shipping account (ie. UPS, FedEx or USPS).

    Carrier: Select shipper from dropdown or select other and enter the pertinent info.


  5. Enter your cost to for the shipment and the tracking # generated externally.

    NOTE: If shipping parts in multiple packages, you can enter the other track # by clicking Add Tracking Number.

  6. By default the customer will be notified their order has shipped along with the tracking #. If you do not want this deselect this option. Also, selecting Print Packing Slip will generate the packing slip when Ship & Complete is clicked.

    Once you have selected your options, click Ship & Complete.

  7. Once the order has been completed, you will see the confirmation at the top of the order.


  8. Completed will be reflected at the top the the order and the tracking # (s) you entered will be above the parts in the order. 


  9. Get the box to your shipping carrier and you're all set!
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