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How to Process a Phone Order (Create a Quote)

If a customer calls in wanting to place an order over the phone, you can use the following steps to do so!


To start, click on "Orders & Customers" and then "Create Quote."


Here, you'll see the page where you can create a new quote, and manually create an order for the customer.


First, you'll need to enter the customer's information.  You can either search for their last name or email address if they've already purchased from you before, or enter it in the fields on the right.


Then, you can add items to the order by pasting the desired part number into the part number field on the left.  The part information, including manufacturer, name, and sale price should automatically populate once you click off of the part number field.  You can mark the part as "Free Shipping" and adjust the quantity on the order.  Clicking "ADD" will add the part to the order.


After at least one part is added, you'll have the option to add the customer's VIN to the order.  PLEASE NOTE: entering the VIN on the order does NOT guarantee fitment of parts.

You can adjust the weights and dimensions of parts directly from this screen.  Add as many line items to the order as you like by entering part numbers and clicking "ADD" until you are finished building the order.


After all line items have been added, you'll need to get the customer's shipping zip code and put it in the "Shipping to" field under the line items.  After that, click, "GET QUOTES."


You'll then see a shipping quote for the order, determined by the shipping methods you have available in your Control Panel.


Clicking on the shipping method drop-down allows you to select the preferred shipping method for this order, and shows the cost for each.


Once you've aded your line items and selected a shipping method, your order is built.


If you don't want to create the order immediately (or the customer isn't ready to buy just yet), you can email the order to the customer as a quote.  Click "EMAIL QUOTE" to bring up a pop-up where you can send the quote to the customer.


Otherwise, if the customer is ready to buy now, click "PROCESS ORDER" to bring up the Process Order pop-up.  Here, you can enter the customer's shipping information.


Clicking "Submit" will take you to the next pop-up where you can collect payment.  You can input credit card information, or record an offline adjustment if payment has/is to be collected outside the system.


Leave an internal note regarding the payment collection, and click "Collect" to officially create the order.  After that, you're done!  Click on "VIEW ORDER" on the confirmation pop-up to view the order in the Control Panel just like any other.  From there, you can process the order, create a shipment, and email the customer all as you normally would.

That's it!  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email us at support@revolutionparts.com.  Thanks!


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