This article will walk you through the steps to upload custom pricing for the OEM catalog. These rules will override your standard pricing rule and will stay in place until you delete the rule or until the "valid until" date expires.

  • Download our Bulk Price Upload file template, Bulk Price Upload.csv, and open it in Excel (or a similar spreadsheet program).
  • Each column is explained below
    • Manufacturer (Required) – List the part manufacturer (Mopar, GM, Ford, Nissan, etc).
    • Part Number Prefix/Part Number (Required) – You can list a part prefix to cover multiple parts, or a full part number to make a change to a specific part.
    • Pricing Strategy (Required)
      • Fixed – Fixed price
      • CostPlus – Enter a percentage to set the pricing rule to add that percentage to the cost
      • MSRPMinus – Enter a percentage to subtract the percentage from the MSRP (List)
    • Value (Required) – For Fixed Price, you must enter a dollar amount. For (Cost +) and (MSRP -), you must enter the percentage you want the product price to be changed by.
    • MSRP (Optional) – Enter the MSRP (List) price.
    • Comment (Optional) – Add a comment explaining why the price change was needed.
    • Valid Until (Optional) – By setting a valid-until date, the price rule will automatically stop after that date. If no valid-until date is set, the price rule will stay in place until it is deleted manually.
  • Save your spreadsheet (be sure to keep it in CSV format).
  • On your Control Panel, either search for "Bulk Part Pricing Loader" or navigate through Products & Categories > Bulk Loaders & Automation > Bulk Part Pricing Loader.
  • Delimiter used to separate the data will be a “Comma (,)”
  • Data update rule will be “Update pricing for exiting rules & add new rules. ”
  • Choose your CSV file.
  • Click the Upload file button.
  • Map the correct fields to the headers of your spreadsheet, as shown below.
  • Click the Import Pricing Info button.
  • The next page will load, and will tell you how many products were changed
  • Check the product on your site
    • Part number 1UB77HDAAG fixed price of $100.00
    • Part number 68216992AA Cost + 10%
    • Part number YD99HDAAA MSRP – 25%



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This article will walk you through the steps to upload a custom Sale Price for the OEM catalog!

  1. Download our bulk upload Products file template, products-template.csv, and open it in Excel (or a similar spreadsheet program).
  2. You only need 3 columns filled out to update the pricing, PARTNUMBERBRAND, and SALESPRICE.2.png
  3. Add the part numbers, brands, and desired sale prices to your spreadsheet for all parts you want to update. Be sure to keep all other columns in the spreadsheet - do not delete the unused columns.
  4. Save your spreadsheet (be sure to keep it in CSV format).
  5. On your Dashboard, click on the Gear icon in the upper-right corner.
  6. Select Bulk then Imports from the left-side menu.
  7. Click on the green New Import button.
  8. From the drop-down menu, select Products.
  9. Click the Select File button, choose the CSV that you updated earlier and hit OK.
  10. Select the store where you want your new sale price to apply.

    BE AWARE: the Sale Price field is a store specific field, meaning it can only be applied to one store at a time. Be sure to select your desired store in order for the new Sale Price to apply correctly.

  11. Click the Upload File button (the rest of the options can remain as their defaults).
  12. You will receive a message on the bottom-right corner of the screen, indicating that the upload was successful, and that the system is processing the upload.
  13. You will see in the activity log that the file is in process, indicated by the yellow arrows to the far right of the line.
  14. Clicking on the refresh button (next to New Import) will update this page. Once the file has been processed, the icon to the far right will either be a green check, indicating a successful update, or a red warning, indicating an error. 
  15. If there was an error, you will have the ability to download a CSV file that indicates what the error was.

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