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Updating OEM Pricing in Bulk

This article will walk you through the steps to upload custom pricing for the OEM catalog. These rules will override your standard pricing rule and will stay in place until you delete the rule or the "valid until" date expires.

Navigate to:

  • Search for “Bulk Part Pricing Loader”
  • Open an excel spread sheet and create the following format
  • Each column is explain below
    • Manufacturer (Required) – List the parts manufacturer
    • Part Number Prefix/Part Number (Required) – You can list a part prefix to cover multiple parts or the part number to make a change to a specific part
    • Pricing Strategy (Required)
      • Fixed – Fixed price
      • CostPlus – Enter a percentage to add the percentage to the cost
      • MSRPMinus – Enter a percentage to subtract the percentage from the MSRP (List)
    • Value (Required) – Here you will enter the amount or percentage that will apply to the strategy
    • MSRP (Optional) – Enter the MSRP (List) price
    • Comment (Optional) – Add a comment for why the price change need to be made
    • Valid Until (Optional) – By setting a valid until date you can have the price rule stop after that date. If not valid date is set the price rule will stay in place until it is deleted.
  • Save your Excel Spreadsheet as a CSV.
  • Delimiter used to separate will be a “Comma (,)”
  • Data update rule will be “Update pricing for exiting rules & add new rules. ”
  • Choose your CSV file.
  • Click Upload file
  • Map the correct fields to the headers of your spreadsheet
  • The file will tell you how many products were changed
  • Check the product on your site
    • Part number 1UB77HDAAG fixed price of $100.00
    • Part number 68216992AA Cost + 10%
    • Part number YD99HDAAA MSRP – 25%


Still have questions? You can contact our support team by email at support@revolutionparts.com or call 480-779-7278.

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