Uploading Inventory Manually

Uploading inventory is one way to add transparency on when a part is estimated to ship based on your preferences. Inventory uploads will only affect parts that are tied to the genuine RevolutionParts parts OEM catalog (aftermarket or custom part numbers are not supported at this time).


Getting Started

You'll need to create a separate .csv file in Microsoft Excel for each and every make for which you want to upload inventory, meaning you'll need a file for Ford, a file for Mopar, a file for Honda, etc. The first row of your .csv file should contain the following:


You can download an example file by clicking here.

NOTE: Even if you have a bin but are out of a part, please include it in the .csv file with "0" for the quantity.  You can exclude items that you do not stock.

With the above values as your column names, put your part numbers in the first column, the quantity you have of each in the second column. An example row for a Mopar catalog spreadsheet would be, "1GM00DX9AD,1" indicating the part number, and a quantity of 1.  


File Name

Your file name will need to be saved as a comma separated value (.csv). The name of the file must be exactly as follows: the word, "inventory," followed by a hyphen, then your file's "file ID," then the .csv file extension. See below for an example:

Format: inventory-FILEID.csv

Example: inventory-54545445545SDGSDDGGYH54555.csv

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to have a separate file ID for each individual file, so please contact RevolutionParts Support for a file ID for each list you plan to upload.



In order to complete the initial setup process, you will need to contact RevolutionParts Support. Send an email to support@revolutionparts.com explaining that you'd like to set up manual inventory upload, and that you would like it enabled on your site. The current messaging for inventory notifications displays as follows:

  • In-Stock before daily cutoff time
  • In-Stock after daily cutoff time
  • In-Stock on the weekend
  • Special order/Out-of-Stock items

The current messaging for these timeframes are below:

  • Orders placed within the next ((hours,minutes)) will ship today!
  • Orders placed today will ship tomorrow!
  • Orders placed today will ship on Monday!
  • Will ship in 2-4 business days

Contact RevolutionParts Support if you want to modify you inventory messaging.

NOTE: We will never display the actual inventory numbers for a part. The inventory messages/shipping estimates are designed to add transparency to customers on the estimated ship date, not to reflect or show actual stock values.


Upload Info:

We use an FTP server to host the .csv file you'll be uploading. To upload your file, navigate to the following address in File Explorer for Windows (not Internet Explorer): ftp://anonymous@dropbox.revolutionparts.com/Uploads

For Mac users, you will need to use an FTP client to upload your inventory (via an FTP client, such as Cyberduck).

Your inventory upload will be processed automatically. You can verify this by looking for your configured inventory messages on a part referenced in your latest upload, but it may take a few minutes for your file to process. Contact RevolutionParts Support if you don't see changes within 30 minutes of uploading your file.

While manual inventory upload is useful, it's also manual. You'll have to upload an updated .csv file every time you plan to update your inventory levels, whether it be when you receive new stock of previously Out-of-Stock items, or when you run out of stock of currently In-Stock items. Keeping up with your inventory is not necessary, but strongly recommended (so that you can be transparent with your buyers).

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by emailing
support@revolutionparts.com or calling 480-779-7278!

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