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How to Create Custom Categories in Bulk

This article will cover how to create your custom categories in bulk. This is a great tool if you are looking to have multiple categories and sub categories.

  • First you will need to map out your categories. We recommend using a tool called WriteMaps. This website will allow you to get all of your categories mapped out into one place. It makes it much easier to see the flow of categories and sub categories.
  • Next you will need to open up excel and create your categories spreadsheet. Attached at the bottom is an example template we recommend using.
  • Each section below will describe each column on the example spreadsheet
    • Parent category key – This is where the category takes root. All categories must have a parent category. If you are creating the head category the parent category key will be “Category Root”
    • Category Name – This is the name of the Category. It will show up in your sitemap
    • Category Key/ID – This is the unique identifier that separate each category. NOTE: all letters must be under case and no spaces.
    • Category Header – This is the header that will show up on the page when you click on the category.
    • Visible – By selecting yes the category will show in your sitemap
    • List subcategories on cat page– Mark YES if you have subcategories.
    • Custom URL (Optional) – This allows you to create a unique URL for your category.
    • Display Sub Image (Optional) – After creating the categories you will have the option to upload images. If you want the images to display for your sub categories mark this column yes.
    • Priority (Optional) – This is used to rank one category over another. In order for ranking to take place. Categories must be under the same parent category.
  • Save your spreadsheet as a CSV file
  • After you created your spreadsheet you will go to the “Bulk Category Loader” in the RevolutionParts Control Panel.
  • Choose file to upload
  • Click upload file
  • Map your Column headers with the correct categories from the drop downs
  • Click update categories
  • Our system will tell you how many categories were created and how many were updated
  • To view your categories navigate to “Browse Categories”

If you have any further question you can reach out to the RevolutionParts technical support team at support@revolutionparts.com or by calling 480-779-7278.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us by emailing
support@revolutionparts.com or calling 480-779-7278!

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