We are equipped to handle all your design requests.  Some requests may incur charges to complete, but we won’t begin work on any requests incurring a charge without written approval.

What is a design request?

  • Graphic design such as banners
  • Code changes that include altering HTML or CSS
  • Changes to links in menus such as the header or footer
  • Social widgets or plugins
  • Any requests we deem necessary to escalate to the design team

What is our policy?

All design requests, whether big or small, will be subject to review by our design team.  Not all design requests will incur charges.  Some requests may take anywhere from one business day to several weeks, depending on the difficulty of implementing the request.  We do not guarantee a specific date of completion on any design request.

How should I submit a design request?

The best way to submit a design request is to email our support team at  Please, include as many design details as possible. A support staff member will reply to notify you that your request is under review by the design team.

How long do I have to wait?

Our design team will review your request within one full business week, at which point we will reach out to you.  You will receive a quote of the estimated time required to complete the request and any cost (if applicable.)  Once you provide written consent for work to begin (and confirm any associated charges), please allow us the quoted time to complete the design as outlined.

If you have any questions regarding design requests or any of our policies, please contact support by emailing

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